These Pants Are Magic

Psssst….I have a secret! These pants are the most comfortable, practical, last forever pants you might ever own! I almost hate to tell you, because these kind of pants have gotten a bad rap ever since I’ve known! They are the kind of pants older ladies wear because they are forgiving and much more comfortable than normal styles! The secret is……they have a hidden elastic waistband for added comfort and give. The way you can move in these without anything tugging or pulling or pinching is heaven! The fabric is cotton, nylon and spandex which is magic when you travel! And they are all on sale! Remember how we used to think of elastic waist pants? These are certainly not like those!!!!!!!

And then there’s this linen shirt….and stripes too!!! The perfect one to mix in with all of your other patterns! The three-quarter length sleeves are so easy. I like to roll them too, to give the shirt a more casual look. These two pieces could be essentials for your summer wardrobe…perfect for all your travel plans! Both easily worn dressed up or down! And then when you add fabulous accessories like a fun bag, hat, and earrings….you then take your look up a notch to the next level!

So…How BOLD Are You? Well, you should be bold….don’t be afraid to try something new, like wear bright colors, or try a new lipgloss, or ride a bike, or get a new hair style, or try these pants from CHICOS! HAPPY WEEKEND friends!


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9 thoughts on “These Pants Are Magic

    1. Hi Mayra…..THANK YOU! The pants really are so comfy and the color’s perfect! Hope you have an AWESOME weekend as well, and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!! XO

  1. WHOA, that price!! Thanks for sharing, Shauna…love Chico’s; can’t wait for mine to arrive!!

    1. Hi Dawn….I know, can you believe it??? You’ll LOVE them, I promise! XOXO

  2. Fantastic photo shoot!
    I look the way you have styled these pants. And yes, I can confirm that they are not only stylish but comfortable. I personally own a two pairs from pre years. One is white and one denim. The perfect travel pants…I worn them both on flights from coast to coast and no one ever thought I was wearing old pants.?

    1. Hi Rosemary….that’s awesome!!! They really are SO NOT NOTICEABLE!!!! They look like normal pants with ALL THE COMFORT!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! XO

  3. Hi Shauna, the price of these beauties was a very pleasant surprise! Also, love the shoes. Where did you buy those please? Thanks so much rockin lady!!

  4. Salut, Shauna! I’m from Russia. I’m glad to meet you and your Chicover50! I really like it!
    I’d like to ask you to help me.
    I did not find my size in the Size Charts. My size: 38,18 (Chest) 31,10 (Waist) 38.58 (Hip) 68,89 (height)
    What size of clothes will suit me?
    Thank you! Alexandriya S.

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