The Shirtdress

Talking about the shirtdress today! Way back when…….I used to really, really NOT LIKE this style of dress. It just seemed too stuffy, too matronly looking, and too frumpy! But there was something about this one. Maybe the green stripes stole my heart? It’s been on repeat for several weeks now! I think it’s a style that any body-type can wear…just make sure it fits you correctly throughout! It’s such a classic and lady-like look, which apparently I’m okay with now?!!!

How versatile can it be? Well, as you can see in this post, I wore it like a jacket. LOVED it this way! If you wear shorts, it would look SO CUTE worn open with some shorts and slides! There’s always the way I’m wearing it here…simple and clean and very professional looking! Like a lady-boss!! What about with that white blazer I’ve been talking about? So CHIC! Or a lightweight long cardigan? Wear it open and relaxed or cinched with a belt. What about a pullover type sweater, belted or not? This would make it look casual, and then pair it with some sneakers! Wear it with heels or flats. Jazz it up with some fun jewelry or not…depending on what you’re going for!

Here are the links to my look along with some of my favorite shirt dresses, and fabulous heels! The heels I’m wearing are vintage Anthro from so many years ago….obviously I must think they are so cute, I’ve never parted with them!


Have a great week friends!


7 thoughts on “The Shirtdress

  1. I always liked he shirt dress…like the classic wrap dress you can dress it up or dress it down. The proverbial blank slate. 😉

  2. As I mentioned, there is no way the word frumpy can be in the same sentence with you! Shauna – you look amazing in this dress! I think you’re right…it’s the green color and how well it fits you! Or maybe you just have a way of making everything you wear look fabulous! 🙂

    1. Lizzy I really appreciate your comment. From the beginning I have felt like I should always keep everyone’s comments posted, unless they are REALLY OFFENSIVE. But I wish that if someone doesn’t like what I’m posting, that they would take better care at choosing their words!!! There were a few on Instagram that were on the “mean spirited” side! I still left them up, but wanted to snip back in a way! There’s always a way to say something in a “NICE” way!!!! Anyway….thank you for listening! YOU are always positive and supportive!!! LOVE you! XO

  3. I have always loved shirt dresses; however I have small legs and am small with an apple shape and quite buxom. I would probably change the belt and be careful with my shoes. I might tie a scarf around the waist and wear espadrilles. Thank you for styling this dress.

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