Taking part in a style challenge today…
Mine would definitely be lots of T-shirts,
white frayed denim, colorful scarves, and metallic shoes!
If you wear your T-shirts to death, like I do,
and need to dress them up a bit…
pair them with skirts and fun accessories!
  It always works!

2 thoughts on “#summerstaples

  1. I love visiting your blog every day. I am 65 and love fashion. I am always looking for different ways to mix up my wardrobe. I like to see how you mix and match your outfits. It takes some practice to dress my body at 65 and still look fashionable and up to date. Keep posting!!!

    1. Andrea…THANK YOU so much!!! I’m sorry it hasn’t been up-to-date recently! I’m hoping to get it all caught up in the next few days! I agree with you, that it does take practice…just like anything else! Knowing your body-type and what looks good, is the first step!!! xo

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