Summer Cardigans

Talking about summer cardigans today.
So many of us want to keep our arms covered more as we get older.
But then how can you do that when it’s so warm outside,
or when you’re dealing with hot-flashes??!
It can be such a dilemma for some, but I think you can do it,
WITHOUT looking like you’re dressed too hot.
Does that make sense?
You can still look summery, and still be covered.
This featherweight cardigan is from Anthropologie.
I should have blogged about it before now, because now it’s sold out.
But JCrew has some good options.
I like to size mine up, so they’re not skin-tight on my arms.
I think that’s a much nicer look!!!
Some other ways to cover-up would perhaps be…
a light cotton button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
Three-quarter sleeves work well too.
What about a sheer fabric?
And remember to use your scarves as a cover-up too!