STYLING Your Clothing Three Ways

Styling your clothing three ways

Because this is my most favorite thing to do….. btw, if you know anyone who needs a stylist I’m here…… I wanted to talk again on how STYLING YOUR CLOTHING THREE WAYS is so important. I’m sure you’ve heard me say over and over again, how much more you can get out of your wardrobe if you know how to do this!

To some it comes easy…. like me, and to others it’s very hard to see outside of an outfit, or outside of the box as you could say. I really believe that if you are one who this is hard for, if you could see examples you will be able to see the vision within your clothes. Visualization really helps when it comes to fashion.

DO NOT organize your closets by outfit! Organize it in categories. You’ll want a section for pants, tees, tops, jackets, skirts, and dresses. Then organize in colors so when you need something it will be easy for you to find and easy for you to put together your outfits.

Styling your clothing three ways

WATCH THIS REEL HERE to see how I styled a PINK SUIT MORE than three ways! HERE is the blog post.


I’m showing you several outfits STYLED TWO WAYS, and then leaving it up to you to come up with a THIRD WAY. And please share your ideas! A lot of these are a dressed up/dressed down comparison.


STYLED DOWN with a striped tee and straw hat. Minimal jewelry makes it feel more casual. LOVE these shoes! Even casual I like some sort of heel best, but a flat sandal or sneakers works too if that’s what you like!

STYLED UP with a pretty black top and sandals! Black will always dress things up and give it a CHIC vibe!


This shirt is SO COOL! I don’t have it, but think it’s a must! Below I’ve styled it fairly simple with flat sandals and white jeans. The hair scarf is so fun as it brings in a bit more color.

This is a bit more dressed up with the blazer. You could wear this easily in any office setting. The shoes are so budget friendly from Target. This shirt works well with ANY color you want to put with it. LOVE LOVE these pants with it! How would you wear this fabulous shirt?


Wear these fun pants with a colorful tee shirt and sneakers. This would be something I would put on….. easy, comfy, and cute for summer.

By adding a classic white shirt, this one is linen and IS THE BEST, these pants can be dressed up. I added metallic sandals and some gold jewelry. You could even add a white blazer over the top for it to look even more dressed up.



If you’re not doing this, styling your clothing three ways, you need to be! Dressing will be so much more fun! The possibilities will be endless for you, and you’ll probably find that you won’t be wanting to buy as much! Let me know your ideas in the comments!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “STYLING Your Clothing Three Ways

  1. My rule has always been that every item I buy has to be styled three ways! My closet is organized by category and color. A third of my closet is year round, and then I switch out for fall/ winter… spring/summer. I have an amoire with all my sweaters. This year I have been wearing lightweight wool and cashmere longer. It has been cold in the Pacific Northwest. I have been helping friends re- organize (and donate) their closets. Egads! I have never seen so many clothes and duplicates! People would be more careful shopping if they could see what they already have.

    1. Kathy yes, you know what you’re talking about. When you really REALLY know what’s in there, your need for more decreases. If you know how to put things together, I believe our wardrobes would be much smaller! THANK YOU for your comment! Come back again soon! And enjoy your Northwest!!!!! XO

    2. Hi Shauna, I love the options with the ChicWish skirt. I have one in Carmel with black flocking and I ordered the ruffled blouse in the second option to give me other options with it. It is such fun to wear and gives a ballerina feel. It helps so much to see the options and expand my choices. I usually find my favorite and stick with it. It is so much fun to have the versatility and changed mind set. I also love the Anthropologie red and white sweater, it is so versatile. Thank you for being you and sharing!❤️

  2. I’m in love with the floral dress? Skirt ? @ the beginning of your post. Where can I buy it? The tops are gorgeous also. Where can I buy them?

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