Some Fabby Shaggy!

Today I wanted to show you the shaggiest sweater ever, and it even shimmers!!! This was a Christmas gift and with my mild winter, it has been the perfect little sweater/jacket to throw on ANY time! It has such a fun texture with a pretty silver edge. The only thing it needed was a cute statement bag, Carolina Herrera, and a Lilla P tee shirt, as well as some shoes with a little spunk, all linked below!! Oh and just one more thing….a navy hat that came from the “men’s shop”! Yes I will wear it because it fits and it’s cute as ever….everyone should have a navy fedora! Remember to always be aware of what’s in your guy’s closet!!! The other day I saw a blogger in a pair of skinny jeans with an oversized men’s shirt tied in a knot. It looked so classic and laid-back…a really fun look!

And just a side note…..Lilla P is celebrating 20 years this month!!! I have loved their clothes and am always happy to be working with them!!! They will be having all kinds of giveaways on their Instagram page @lillap as well as a 20% discount beginning on the 15th! Save this code……HAPPY20.

Some of it’s linked here, and as always whatever isn’t, there is something similar!! And the jeans are 33% off! So GOOD! Lip color is Habanero.



4 thoughts on “Some Fabby Shaggy!

    1. Hi Scarlett….the bag was a gift, so I’m not sure exactly where. There’s a link here to some of her other bags! XO

  1. That IS a nice purse. You ALWAYS seem to have good luck with finding jeans. God bless to you lol

    1. Hi Cheryl! I’ve not ever had a hard time finding jeans, believe it or not! There are so many options out there, it shouldn’t be hard! Are you going to a department store so you have access to MANY styles and fits? XO

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