Science Serum

You all should know by now, what a fanatic I am when it comes to skin health! I’ve always been this way, even from my early teen years! It pays off….every single minute you are at your bathroom sink, you will see results!!!!! And I’m always willing to listen to yet another product out there. This one is unlike any other I’ve used. Science Serum is fantastic. I have been using them now for about three weeks. They are here…..

Tight Neck, Tight Eye, Tight Lip, and Moisture Eye Serum.

You swipe the product on the specific areas and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. You can really feel your skin tightening as it works. It’s really amazing stuff! Don’t remove the product until it is completely dry. When it’s ready, it will feel like a thin layer of tape on your skin. You then take a cool cloth (cool sometimes works better) to rinse it off. The Moisture Eye Serum, medical grade, is used after and is left on! My favorite is the NECK serum. I have noticed this passed year, how much elasticity I’m losing in my neck! Yikes! So to have a very specific product for that area is so good! I love what it’s been doing for me! It works to tighten, brighten, firm and lift loose skin.

I have a special offer for you for 20% off your purchase! Use the code CHIC for your discount! I really do believe in these products! You can watch my testimonial video of Science Serum on Facebook and Instagram. Like I said there…..YAY for tight wrinkle-free skin!!!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Science Serum

  1. I use TightEye everyday and I am 54 and look 30. The best anti-aging product I have found ever>

  2. Yes. Morethantourqoise’s Jamie had a post on these products. Many of her followers had great experiences with them. Me, being a skincare product junkie, never give time for a product to actually work before I’m off trying something new. It’s a kind of addiction I think.

    1. Cheryl…..there’s a lot out there, and I believe you just have to do your research and KNOW what YOUR skin NEEDS! You should give it another try! XO

  3. Science Serum TIGHT EYE, TIGHT LIP and MOISTUREYES is fabulous! I use only once a day in the morning after cleansing. Leave on about 8 minutes and rinse. I am so pleased with the results around my eyes and lips, I am 64 years old – no one believes me. Thanks for offering the discount on my purchases too.

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