Pottery Barn Holiday Shopping

Who doesn’t LOVE walking in to the fabulous Pottery Barn during the holidays? I do, and I would bet so many of you do too! It’s always so fun browsing around at the linens, candles, dishes, pillows, and the furniture too!  There’s nothing that puts me in the mood faster than walking in to Pottery Barn this time of year!

The last several years I have been a minimalist when it comes to decorating. I don’t love a lot of stuff around…..just enough. And I only will ever get just a couple of new things each year that I love! When I was there the other day I fell in love with the Christmas bedding! What a luxury to have CHRISTMAS bed sheets!!! So fun, right??? But there was so much more too. Pottery Barn is such a great place, to pick up Christmas gifts for family and friends. There are so many choices, and every one is for sure going to be a clear winner!

I’ve picked my favorites here. Even if you don’t feel like shopping, they are so much fun to look at! Think about some of these as EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFTS! How nice to get  your gift giving done quickly and in enough time for your friends and family to ENJOY it for the holidays!!!!!

If you want an easy and quick outfit that will ALWAYS work, it could be the one I have on here. The gray velvet blazer is a great piece to have for the holidays, but then will always work afterwards too! I’ve just added some great jeans and a simple white tee, along with some over-the-knee boots and a neck scarf. It looked classy but comfy enough to walk around and enjoy all the festivities!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Holiday Shopping

  1. Velvet…..so popular this year…..and I think will still be going strong by Spring ??I like that it’s now a softer, less stiff fabric, these days.

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