Pop of RED!

I’ll just twirl in to my Sunday and a brand new week with a Valentine celebration!! And of course there will need to be some sort of pop…..and I think RED!

This is the best way to let something shine on it’s own. Dress in a monochromatic look, and then add your favorite color just one place, somewhere! I like to do it with an accessory or my shoes! This a-line skirt has been in my closet for a looooong time. I LOVE to shop my closet and reinvent something! This skirt though is a classic and I can’t see it ever going out of style! I was only able to find two others similar, and they both have a pattern, but could still be substituted for a look similar! And the cute polkadot one is on MAJOR SALE! It’s the same one I wore here. An a-line style is very flattering on most women. The leopard belt adds just a little sass! Everyone should have one, I’ve worn this one forever as well! And the scarf on a winter/not winter day was perfect! I really, really want a snowy winter, but I’m not sure it’s happening for us here in Utah!




4 thoughts on “Pop of RED!

  1. Found your site a short while ago and I’m hooked! You Always look Great and give me the push to try things I would never think of trying before. Thank you! Question though…How do you stay sooo fit? After 50 I found it not as easy as when I was younger. I try to work out (when do you have time?) and watch what I eat although it’s not easy when hubby can eat Anything he wants and never gain. Although he’s Very supportive. I know your’s has to be too because You Look Great! Share your secrets!!!
    Thanks much!

    1. Hi Mary, first of all thank you for all the kind words!!! BELIEVE ME…..it is hard for me too, to stay fit. I’ve always been in to fitness and health and have pretty much maintained the same weight I was in my early 20’s. It really has gotten much harder….eat less and move more, which doesn’t seem fair but is reality! I tore my ACL back in May and so that’s been a challenge to maintain my same activity! I play tennis competitively and was on the court ALL THE TIME. That completely stopped, and I’ve only been able to workout in the gym. I’ve been able to do that easing in to it since September when I had my surgery. I’ve just gotten back to the court this last week. I watch what I eat, but don’t stay away from my indulgence of dark chocolate almonds! I eat lots of veggies and get plenty of fiber. I don’t drink much soda, mostly water. I do an hour of cardio every day but Sunday, and on Mon, Wed, and Fri along with cardio I workout with weights, squats, etc. This takes me another 30-40 minutes. I have much to improve on, and am very self-disciplined! I tell other women to make small LIFESTYLE changes! Anything crazy or too big and too much, you won’t be able to maintain! Baby-steps as they say! I hope this helps!!!! XO

  2. Shauna, I just found you through Grace and Beauty. Your fashion is so inspiring and I can’t wait to shop my own closet in a new way! I am about 5 weeks older (58 last week) than you and also enjoy life and looking younger than my age. I can’t wait to see what you post next. Thanks, Tamara

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