Perfect Striped Tee & Jeans

What an EXHAUSTING week it’s been! Some day I will be brave enough to share with you, my personal life. It’s unbelievable….really! So this made me very HAPPY! Have you ever found the perfect striped tee? I mean the fit, the style, the thickness of the fabric, and the best color combination??? It’s crazy I know, but dressing in color makes me HAPPY! And JCrew is having a fantastic SALE right now! Incredible savings up to 40%! Use code SAVEMORE at checkout!

And then there’s the jeans. Shopping for jeans can be like shopping for a swimsuit!!!! Do you feel that way? You can try on a zillion pairs and nothing….blah! These adorable utility styled jeans, definitely wouldn’t be for everyone, but for me and my shape they were and are perfection! The cute side zipper, and cropped flare style, every detail I love! They are from Pilcro and the Letterpress, Anthro’s own denim line. I LOVE Pilcro! SO many styles and more budget friendly than a lot of denim!

I added my sassiest pink earrings and some fun studded mules (mine are sold out, some for less), statement sunglasses, (mine are sold out, these are the same brand) and it was my kind of weekend style for sure!!!!! Have a wonderful one friends, and go and dress yourself in some COLOR!!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Perfect Striped Tee & Jeans

  1. Jeans UGH!! You got it, it is like trying on swimsuits!! When I’m on a mission to buy jeans I prepare for the outing. I wear easy on easy off clothing bcause I know what I’m in for…out of the 30 pair I try on, I’d be thrilled if I get to go home with just one pair. Remember, we gotcha, we’re here for ya ?

    1. Cheryl…..great tips on WHAT TO WEAR WHEN SHOPPING FOR JEANS!!!! You should be a fashion blogger! And thank YOU FOR THE LOVE! It means a lot!!! XO

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