Oh THIS Jumpsuit!

When I saw this in my local Anthropologie on one of my favorite Anthro girls, who is ALWAYS willing to try everything out there when it comes to fashion, and has been my fashion idol for years, I loved it immediately! You have to be a bit daring, and confident, and love color and pattern, and you definitely need to like to have fun with fashion…..to be able to wear this! Yes WARNING….only wear it if you’re all about FUN! It is all silky and comfy and has a button-up style and is easy and breezy for summer wear! Remember when you’re wearing something like this, you DON’T need to do much more! Very little jewelry, and I prefer understated pieces, and simple makeup! Think “less is more” when it comes to accessorizing. I’m such a lover of the jumpsuit, and am so happy they’re still around! And this definitely is one that’s DIFFERENT from all the rest!!!!

Jumpsuit  |  Shoes  |  Choker  |   Lipgloss

Remember to have fun with your fashion!!!! Life is too short not to!


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    1. Hi Rhonda! THANK YOU! This jumpsuit seemed to resonate with a lot of people on my Instagram!!! Thanks for your comment! XO

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