Frayed Denim and Pom-Pom Adorned!

Just having some fun with this little white printed frayed denim dress and a bright red bag all adorned with goodness! A pom-pom cluster and then an embellished strap??? YES and oh so darling! I hadn’t seen all of the embellished bag straps that are trending right now, before I went to California a few weeks ago. A blogger friend of mine had one, and I was hooked! What a fun way to change up your bag! This one comes with a solid red strap, and then this fancier one. For fall you could add a more subtle strap to change the bag up. Just like our clothing, now there are bags you can change just with an accessory to make it look different for different seasons! Brilliant!!! I LOVE this idea! And the idea of a red bag could be intimidating for some, thinking it may not be very versatile. But believe me, RED is very versatile!!!!! I think if you had any doubt, you would quickly find that it goes with more than you had imagined!!! This particular bag was from the Tory Burch Summer Collection, but I’ve linked some other options below. I’ve really loved the quality of this brand, I’ve never had a Tory Burch bag before. They are really reasonable as far as price goes, for a nice bag! And this dress is fabulous!!!! It has some stretch to it and so it’s really, really comfy! The frays on the hem and sleeves are so cute, and guess what……POCKETS!!!! It looks very short on the model, so if it’s too short for you, it would look super duper cute with a pair of jeans….skinny or flare! Cute, right???

I’ve also linked up here some ON SALE Tory Burch bags from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Remember back on my post about a week ago, are my favorite things…..and they still are, and easy to shop right here!

Dress  |  Shoes  |  Bag  |  Pom-Poms

1- Tory Burch Tan   2- Tory Burch Blush

1- Tory Burch Velvet   2- Tory Burch Velet

 Tory Burch  Wallets   Looks like these are almost sold out, but thought you may like to look anyway!

Hope you can take advantage of these sales!!! Talk to you all soon!!! Shauna…XO



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    1. Hi Melody! Thank you, it’s amazing how many things a red bag goes with!!!! XO

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