Oh These Flutters!

I love it when a fabulous flutter sleeved T goes on sale at such a price point you can’t pass up! This one….so ADORABLE and GIRLY and all that! Gray is as neutral as you can get! It can be tucked, untucked, or half-tucked. It can be worn with nearly any color, skirts, pants, or jeans! I wanted to put it with these embroidered jeans. Remember when I talked about letting the jeans do the talking when they’re embellished? Well this was exactly my thought process here. The T is fairly simple with just an exaggerated sleeve. It works so well with any kind pair of jeans with a little something extra!

I have gotten many requests for more budget friendly alternatives. I respect that and thing it’s important to show! So here are two options, one for jeans and the other shoes. I really appreciate your feedback friends! Anything to make it easier for you, to find the goods!!!

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