Oh This Sweater Vest!

Oh this sweater vest! How do you feel about these long vests? For a while I couldn’t figure out how to make them work for me. Maybe because I’m petite, I don’t know, but when I stumbled upon this one, I was hooked! And as I’m writing this post, I just checked and it’s SOLD OUT! See…..good things always go fast! But I’ve found two really cute options, and both on sale! I chose this leopard print soft sweater, my favorite AG skinny jeans, and my OTK boots to wear with it. I loved it with the turquoise chandelier earrings. The combination of this outfit with the little bit of turquoise works so good I think! The outfit was comfortable….in fact, comfortable enough to go to my little’s birthday party and still play! I saw this vest worn the other day over a dress, and it looked so cute! Could you wear it in a professional environment? Yes, I say yes you could! Wear it with a white button-up shirt or a turtleneck, some basic black pants and black pumps, and it would look very professional. Add some beautiful statement earrings OR a necklace (NOT BOTH) and you’ll look fabulous!

The vests, both sweaters, and jeans are all on sale which is a bonus!!! Such a great time to stock up on goods for your closet!


Only a couple more days of 2017! Go and make them GREAT!!!


4 thoughts on “Oh This Sweater Vest!

  1. I Just wanted to say what an inspiration you are!!! I just finished an Energy Profiling course called Dressing Your Truth. I Loved the information and ideas of the course but was finding it hard to like the clothes they have on their website etc… I asked the Universe for some INSPIRATION…and very soon after that I found you on Pinterest and then your blog. Thanks and Keep Up the Good Work!

    1. Hi Sherri! WOW…..how sweet of you to say!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sometimes we just need something different to look at to help us get through a slump, EVEN ME sometimes! May you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! XO

  2. Love love LOVE those boots. I felt a little nervous trying this trend, thinking it was for the “young ones”. You make them look sophisticated and… dare I say… for a lack of better wording…I’ll apologize now …”age appropriate” UGH I can’t believe I said that.

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