A New Week Starts With Sparkles!

Another week begins, and I think I’ll start mine with some SPARKLES! This jacket is ON SALE right now and is here. The casual, hooded, slouchy style makes it great with your favorite jeans…but don’t be fooled! Wear it with a skirt, over a dress, or some dressy pants, and it works too! What about a jacket to wear with your tights after the gym? You know….for a better than normal “athleisure” look!!! Yep….that works!!! And the sequins are SO FANCY!!!

My jogger pants here, are from Rag and Bone. They are very “vintage”, but joggers are still going strong! I’ve linked several really good ones below, all easy to wear with your high boots OR with a pair of tennies! I’ve had a lot of you ask about these particular hoop earrings. I got them so many years ago in Kauai. They are actually made out of recycled tin cans! I’ve worn them forever…so unique and fun!



Have a FABULOUS week friends!



9 thoughts on “A New Week Starts With Sparkles!

  1. Cute look. Would even look good with one of your Chic Over 50 tee’s you have available on your website…

    1. Cheryl YES!!! It totally would!!! I’m working on some CHICover50 sweatshirts right now! Stay tuned! XO

  2. Love the look…glad you included alternatives to incorporating this into your wardrobe!!!! I need to shop my closet more!

  3. Shauna, I’m in love with this outfit! It’s such a simple, but chic outfit. I can see you going to errands or to coffee or to go out for a drink with your friends in this outfit. It can effortlessly transfer from day to night.

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