CHIC Sweatshirt!

Remember this CHIC sweatshirt??? Well…it’s on sale and I think EVERY girl needs one! It’s the very best and most confident thing to say about yourselves! I have worn it everywhere!!! One way I haven’t worn it yet is with a skirt, which might just be the BEST way to wear it!

This look is linked here….at least as close as I can get it for you! Just a note on SOCKS with heels….it’s SO cute and SO comfortable. I love the way this looks! My jeans are by MOTHER….very old! I’ve linked their direct site here for you. The tie or whatever you’d call it around my neck…well, it’s actually a belt! I think it’s cute and different wearing it like a necklace! It’s from JCrew, and old as well. Shopping my closet a LOT here with this look. Everything except this fabulous sweatshirt!


MOTHER denim is here.



8 thoughts on “CHIC Sweatshirt!

  1. You rock this look! I agree I need this sweatshirt! I probably am too old to wear it with s skirt but really love the freedom and self confidence you have!

    1. Kathy….I want to know why you think you would be too old to wear it with a skirt??? There’s a cute lady that works at my Anthropologie that is probably older than me, and I’ve seen her more than once, wear a graphic sweatshirt with a skirt and she looks ADORABLE!!!!!! YOU should try!!! XO

      1. I’m over 60 (one toe in) and don’t want to look like the crazy old lady trying to be young! That’s it in a nut shell…my own fears!

        1. Kathy, I’m 61 and wear floral skirts and graphic tees allot. I just make sure my knees are covered! It’s all about attitude and confidence. You’ve made it this far, you are old enough to do whatever the heck you want!

  2. So right! I think WE can wear anything. Just make sure we’re not dressing head to toe like a teenager. But absolutely… we can wear whatever we like. That’s quite evident with Shauna, she shows us how it’s done. Great style!!!!

  3. I love the heels and socks! I’m from a cold northern state and it is a must to wear socks when it is 20 degrees on a good day. And I love funky socks so win win for me. Thanks for your feelings in regards to wearing what you enjoy.

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