My Summer Before It’s Gone!

So I’ve decided to call of you fabulous friends out there….MY TRIBE! Yes, that’s what I’m calling you from now on! There was a quote I ran across the other day from another feed (posted on Instagram) that goes like this……..

Huge BIG LOVE to my TRIBE!

It just struck me because this blog has truly become my support. All of my friends (tribe) here really do give me a reason some days. I’m not even kidding. My best friends have come in to my life, through Chic Over 50!!!! Life can get so challenging at times! Through this blog I feel needed, I feel I have a voice, and I feel VALUED. I don’t feel those things in many arenas in my life, so THANK YOU!

Now….on to FASHION! Do you feel this time of year like you have to hurry and wear your summer stuff before it’s fall? There’s huge sales right now, for new fall merchandise as well as stores clearing out their summer goods to make room for new. I realize it’s only mid-July, but it’s everywhere….the excitement for “cool-weather” fashion is on! And I would tell you that IF you’re buying, buy things that will work in to fall. Would you say THIS outfit does? How would you take it in to fall? I think it totally can be styled a different way, and both top and bottom can be considered “transition” pieces!

I would wear the top with a long cardigan sweater or with some sort of jean jacket or leather bomber over the top. Or you could wear the top with some heavy tweed pants! The polkadot pants I would wear with a thick loose weave sweater, and booties! Have you noticed how many WHITE shoes and booties are everywhere right now, and styled for fall? These pants would be SO CUTE with white booties! Pick a pinkish sweater in the same hue as the pants for a monochromatic look and that would look beautiful for fall! My exact look here is completely sold out (so sorry), but I’ve linked similar looks below!


Anyway “TRIBE”….have a great weekend, and remember all the fab sales going on! Anthropologie is offering a 20% discount through the weekend. Chicos has a great one as well….I’ve shopped there too! And the Nordstrom sale is alive and well! Great value on SO MANY THINGS! Take advantage!


16 thoughts on “My Summer Before It’s Gone!

    1. Hi Cathy….do you mean shoes? If so, they are from SO MANY YEARS AGO from Anthropologie! I’ve linked some others here, that were the closest I could come to! Have a great weekend! XO

  1. I’ve recently joined your blog, and I’m so glad to have found your amazing fashion style. As a mom of three boys, I rely on my tribe daily. I think it’s wise to remember that WE cultivate our tribe, it does not just happen automatically. Just like everything else in life, you have to work at it to make it amazing. It looks like you have an incredible network of support, and I bet it’s because you have opened yourself up to it by being bold and vulnerable (with fashion and in spirit)…good for you! Something I will admire for quite some time for sure!

    1. Hi Angela! Welcome to my blog!! It’s nice to have YOU! I’m a mom of three boys too! So we already have something in common! And thank you for your thoughtful comment! Our TRIBES definitely don’t come for free! XO

  2. love, love , love polka dots!!! they are cheerful and you never get to old to wear them . Iam 67 and they make me feel happy.

  3. i will be 71 in Dec, no one thinks im my age. i dress just like you and we wear our hair the same way. i use to do hair so im very particular. I use to be a Beauty Control consultant so i love the way you put clothes together and the color coordination.

    thanks for sharing your blog and your styles.


    1. Hi Judy!!!!! Nice to have you stop by, THANK YOU! I bet you are an AMAZING 71 year old!!!! I think it’s awesome that you still care about how you look……so many lose interest! Have a great weekend!!! XO

  4. Judy, will you be my BFF? You, too, Shauna. 😉 I’m 68 and also mistaken for much younger. I wish more women in our age bracket wouldn’t “give up” on their appearance and instead embrace the fun of fashion, hair, make-up and fitness (Shauna, have you tried an E-bike yet? You must!! 😉 ) as they did when they were younger. I can’t believe I still receive compliments almost every day from friends and strangers alike; I sure never thought that would happen at my age but, I must say, I love it!

    1. Dawn, I think that we (mostly women) can have such a respect for a woman in her later years, still taking pride in the way she looks. I have to think back to when I was a little girl. There was a lady up the street, Lillis, who wore high heels, bright lipstick, and wore stylish clothes. I thought she was awesome! I won’t ever give up on the fact that fashion brings me CONFIDENCE and JOY!

  5. Awh, you made me tear up Shauna !!! I think we fuel, support and encourage each other!! And it’s so nice to find a place that gives up what we want…what we need. It’s not that easy to find a place where you find the true nurturing that goes on, on your website. The people on your website…and you, often express things that I feel and sometimes they…and you, just make my day!!! I look forward everyday to your comments as well as your followers.

    1. Cheryl…that’s the nicest thing to say, THANK YOU ALWAYS! Whoever thought we could feel such support over the internet??? But I feel it and I APPRECIATE IT!!! Have a great week Cheryl! XO

  6. Shauna, I love the shoes and the polka dots! You are simply beautiful! Your confidence shines through your smile and stance. I want to b you when I grow up! I’m turning 58 soon. Thank you for sharing “YOU” with your tribe.

    1. Hi Kimberly! THANK YOU for such a nice comment! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY coming up!!! XO

  7. Your haircut tho! YOU are rockin that cut. Having trouble with my color, tried going from dark brown to platinum, but color doesn’t stay, keeps turning yellow. But, your cut and color are so stylish and on point!
    Continue rockin it!!

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