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Psssst….I know we hate talking about stuff like this, but let’s get REAL girlfriends! I LOVE to compete and play tennis! And sometimes there’s issues, or “situations” as I sometimes call them, when you need a little extra protection and NO EMBARRASSMENT! No one likes to admit they may have bladder problems, but at my age, I’m learning more and more from my piers that they have experienced this. These Icon Undies are the solution for our unruly bodies! They’ll give you the confidence you need, ABSOLUTELY, and no sign of anything abnormal!

As you go through menopause, controlling your bladder can become harder and harder. Things can become weaker and thinner, thus causing these issues. This can happen when we’re under a lot of stress, during a laughing spell, or when we are exercising, especially high impact workouts like running! But another way we can have problems, is when we’re playing sports. A lot of us don’t compete at this age, but there are plenty that do!!! I LOVE tennis and have competed for many years! I like to feel comfortable on the court and HAVE TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT so I can play my best! I haven’t had this problem, but many women I’ve talked to have. ICON UNDIES aren’t bulky at all. They have a french cut to fit perfectly underneath whatever you have on. They have a  moisture-wicking layer so that even after a leak you won’t feel damp. Icon’s also won’t bulk up after a leak, which I’ve heard some do! There’s also an anti-odor layer that keeps you feeling fresh, and a leak-proof layer that will keep your clothing dry! They come in three different colors…..nude, black, and rose too!

If you are experiencing these issues, know that these are a great way to combat that problem. Don’t go on thinking that you’ll just need to deal with it. You can put these on and nobody will know! You’ll feel confident and beautiful! Use code CHIC5 at checkout for discount !! http://bit.ly/chicicon

Have a great week friends! I’ll be competing this weekend….wish me lots of luck!!!


9 thoughts on “Icon Undies Confidence

  1. I have been wearing these icon underwear for about a year now, I just love them , I have minor problems but I’m worried free. They are comfy and made out of regular fabric just like normal underwear, they are pricy but well worth it.
    Shauna looking good as always, I’m glad you are telling us women about the Icon because they are worth trying.xoxo you’r Blog.

    1. Rita! SO NICE TO HEAR A TRUE TESTIMONIAL!!! It IS nice to know that there are products out there to help with every issue!!! Thank you for chiming in! XO

  2. I will have to order these! Thank you for the information and good luck on your matches!

    1. Hi Shelly….yes a Lulu skirt! I’ll be posting another one in the next week or so! Thanks for your comment! XO

    1. Hi Janet…you are welcome! An important issue for sure! Have a great weekend! XO

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