My SPRING Makeover

It seems at the beginning of every new season, I get the urge to freshen up my makeup, and look to find out what the new and upcoming colors and shades are. I have had a lipgloss for years, that’s a shimmery light pink color. I went to go re-stock it, and it had been discontinued!!!!! WHY? Why do they always do this with MY COLORS??? Have you been there? I just happened to be walking passed the Trish McEvoy counter at my local mall, and spotted this one!

I am in LOVE with this color….Irresistable Petal! It’s such a beautiful nude shade, and also one that would work so beautifully over another color for added sparkle and shine! I’ve never tried Trish McEvoy products before. I’m pretty loyal to CHANEL and MAC. I think I’m a new fan of this radiant formula and non-sticky feel! I have carried this in my tennis bag, and it’s so good to wear when you want a little something, but not too much.


4 thoughts on “My SPRING Makeover

  1. I have been wearing the Chanel glossimer glosses in the most beautiful pink/peach shades and yes, they were all discontinued with this new launch of Chanel glosses. Oh my! Where to begin now on my search for the perfect gloss? HA, I can surely relate to this dilemma. I do like the shade of Trish McEvoy’s gloss you have shown here. I always feel that my lips need a little more color but it is a perfect nude for Spring and Summer!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Don’t you hate it when that happens?!!!!!!!! Have you tried any of Chanel’s new glosses? This one here though, is the perfect one to put over another color lipstick……IF you wanted some more color! XO

  2. Beautiful! Your skin is fantastic! Can you tell us what your skin care routine includes? And what foundation you use?

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