My Review Of The CurrentBody LED Mask

My review of the CurrentBody LED mask


I feel so lucky to be able to learn about different products out there for aging gracefully. There is so much more on the market today than ever before, and so reviewing and researching them BEFORE you buy is really important!

My review of the current body LED mask

My review of the CurrentBody LED Mask

The CurrentBody LED Mask, which you can find HERE, is intended to visibly firm and tighten your skin. It’s also been clinically proven with this, that your wrinkles will be reduced by 35% in just 4 weeks! Other benefits include better skin tone and texture! Based on the users of the CurrentBody light therapy, 95% of them saw IMPROVED SKIN!

For me at age 61, it seems like my 60’s have really given me a run for my money. I’m definitely seeing looser skin and more wrinkles! As we age, our skin can lose between 20 – 80% of its thickness. So visibly firmer and younger looking skin with this light therapy sounds amazing!

After trying the mask now for just a couple of weeks, I am already beginning to see the effects the mask is having. I can only imagine the impact it will have after an even longer trialing period…. I will keep you all up to date, of course!

This is a fully flexible and wearable mask, that delivers the perfect dose of dual LED light directly to the skin. Unlike other devices, the mask’s flexibility allows for the maximum amount of light to hit the lower layers of your skin, which then give you instant AND long-lasting results!!! You can use this 3-5 times per week.

There is quite a following with the CurrentBody LED Mask! That of Carey Mulligan, who recently used the LED mask to prep her skin for the Oscars in 2021. It’s also loved by celebrities Kaley Cuoco, Kate Hudson and Renée Zellweger, who achieved their Golden Globes and Met Gala BEAUTIFUL GLOWS with the mask.

I have a really amazing offer for all of you….. a 20% OFF discount for your CurrentBody LED Devices, including the LED Face Mask. Use code CHICLED. It’s worth mentioning as well that CurrentBody has a 60 day money back guarantee! You can fall in love with this device without any stress! Please SEE MORE HERE.

I hope that my review on the CurrentBody LED Mask has been helpful to you. I’m happy to have it as part of my skincare routine!

Shauna XO

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