My Norm

Do you want to know the TRUTH??? Someone asked me a while back if I dressed up EVERY day?!! If I don’t have anywhere to go, really, then the answer is NO……and this is what I usually wear! In fact all through the holidays I was  in my leggings, big sweaters, and boots! So when this was given to me for Christmas from a loved one, I was more than happy!!! And the Adidas are cute as ever I’d say! I added my warm black turtleneck and a scarf, and had the MOST COMFORTABLE outfit! This is one that I would wear to run around in with my little people! And of course the white sunnies were screaming to be a part!!!!!!

SHOP my look here…..along with some other fab goods that work too!


Some GREAT SALES right now you may want to be aware of!!!


Goodbye friends…make it a great day! And make sure to sneeze in to your arm please!!!


12 thoughts on “My Norm

  1. Shauna, your comfy outfit is cute as could be, and your smile conveys your inner joy. Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday with all of your loved ones!

  2. Having a difficult time sourcing items. As stated in previous comments, link goes to Pinterest and does nothing.

    1. I have this same problem on my iPad but not on my laptop. Not tech savvy but this seems to be the problem, for me at least. Hope it works for you too.

      1. Martha, from what we can tell on this end, the link from a phone or iPad won’t connect. But from a laptop or desktop the links are fine. We’re working on it, thank you!!! XO

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