My LOVE For Maxi Dresses

Palace of Versailles

My love for MAXI DRESSES has been going on for a long, long time. I remember my very first one (I think) when I was in Junior High School. My mama made it for me and I LOVED it, in fact I wore it for years! It was white with ruffled butterfly sleeves. On the edge of the sleeves and on the pockets and I think the hem, she had sewn rainbow colors of rick-rack. Going down the front she added buttons in the same color as the rick-rack. It was ADORABLE I thought, and I’m sure that that’s when my love for MAXI DRESSES began!

This picture was taken at the Palace of Versailles a few years ago when I lived in Paris for a month. I got it at Anthropologie and instantly loved it, and thought it was perfect for Paris and perfect for the PALACE. There’s nothing that makes you feel like a girl faster than a MAXI DRESS, and a floral one too! I LOVED it on this gorgeous staircase! One of my followers, Carrie, sent this picture to me a couple of weeks ago saying that it was one of her favorites of mine. How SWEET is that? I have the best peeps!

I wore another fab Anthro maxi in Paris as well….right here!

I realized after she had sent it to me, that I hadn’t worn a MAXI for a long, long time. Then I wondered if they were GOING OUT OF STYLE! I started looking on-line for maxis and couldn’t really find THAT MANY! Trends are interesting aren’t they? Are you influenced by them? I hate to admit, that I AM! And although I will always love MAXI DRESSES, if they aren’t really trending, I probably won’t choose to wear one.

But…. these are some really BEAUTIFUL maxi dresses I’ve found. I’m going on a really LOVELY and ROMANTIC trip in February with my hunky husband, and thought about maybe bringing one along for our Valentine’s trip! What do you all think? Do you like them? Do you feel good in them?


I really would be interested in knowing how you feel about a MAXI!

Shauna XO

12 thoughts on “My LOVE For Maxi Dresses

  1. I’m not for Trends that much, but I always wear what I like and what looks good on me. I do buy trendy Clothes once in a while ,but I don’t really care if it is in or not I wear it if I like it on me trendy or not.

    1. I forgot, I love Maxi Dresses my legs are not that good lots of Veins so Maxis are perfect and also Pants, but love a Maxi Dress over any Pant or Jean.

  2. I have a couple in my closet that I could wear if I lost 20 lbs. I love them, that’s why I kept them! xoxoxo

  3. Call me a child of the 70’s…. ‘a la Scarface. I am infatuated with that gold number!!!!

  4. I LOVE Maxi dresses!! I think they’re flattering and comfortable. My question is, how in the world were you able to get this gorgeous picture at Versailles, on those beautiful stairs, with no one else around?? 🙂

  5. I absolutely love love maxi dresses and several of the ones you just showed are adorable!! being of a “certain” age.. oh ok 65, brings back wonderful memories of my “hippie” days in Harvard Square, when that’s all we wore was beautiful flowey Maxie dresses!

  6. I have a couple of maxi dresses and skirts that I have worn for years. They started as going out clothes, but now I wear them for lounging around the house. I even shortened a couple of my more elegant ones to tea length. They look very up tp date. I think the nice thing about being in my 50’s as opposed to my 20’s is that I can wear a trend for a little longer without looking dated, or like I have nothing up to date.

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