My Fall Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Picture was taken almost six years ago in my home. You can see the LOVE of fall texture, color, and scarves.

Good day ladies…… I was recently asked if I would write about my FALL CAPSULE WARDROBE IDEAS. And YES…. one of my favorite things to do as a FASHION LOVER! Fall, in my opinion, is the most fun to dress for! I’ve always thought this. All the layers and textures and accessories are gorgeous! Even though the normal fall colors aren’t necessarily the best for me, I’ve learned how to work around that. I add hot pinks, vibrant reds and yellows, and even purples! The above picture from about six years ago, shows how I’ve used texture and color to create a look! I still have all these pieces but would style them differently today.

If you are a simple and non-complicated person, the capsule wardrobe can be invaluable to you! These are great to travel with as well. Being able to mix and match your pieces in to multiple outfits is the key to simplicity! For me, I would get very bored with this kind of dressing, because I like way too many things, and like to mix things up more. But for women who need a little more ease when it comes to dressing, the capsule wardrobe is a genius idea!

This collection of pieces, has LOTS of beautiful bright colors along with some deep wine, green, and my favorite clay color. I made sure that EVERYTHING could go with EVERYTHING! This collection would definitely give you about THIRTY outfits or perhaps even MORE!

In this capsule wardrobe there are THREE PANTS, THREE JACKETS, THREE SWEATERS, TWO TOPS, ONE SKIRT, ONE DRESS, and TWO SCARVES. I’ve not added any shoes, but below are a few that would work great! If it feels too big for you, you can easily scale it down to fit within your budget and needs.

SHOE CHOICES…. western inspired boots, black suede mules, and budget friendly sneakers.


What do you think? Do you like the mix of vibrant color, texture, and print? Below I’ve shown you some great looks! I hope that my fall capsule wardrobe ideas have encouraged some new ideas within you! What are your favorites?

LOOK ONE… out to lunch with partner, friends, or family.

LOOK TWO… for your date night.

LOOK THREE… to run errands, or anywhere anytime.

LOOK FOUR… for the weekend.

The pieces in THIS BLOG….. all work together as a capsule as well!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “My Fall Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

  1. I absolutely love all the layers and textures of cooler weather clothing! I especially like all the different tights to wear under skirts and dresses! Personally. I get tired of jeans all the time! Super cute outfit you have on! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too girl! The layers, textures, and accessories are so fun to play with. It seems there’s more to do with fall style!!!! And thank you very much. That skirt I have on is actually from a consignment store that I use in Salt Lake City! Have a wonderful week! XO

    1. Juli THANK YOU very much! How sweet!! I do have fun with fashion and believe it’s so transforming to any woman! Take care and come back again soon! XO

  2. You have inspired me to wear vibrant colors again. I have no idea why I have faded?? Not sure how or when that happened. Thank you ❤️

    1. Kim that is SO AWESOME! COLOR truly can lift the spirits and make you feel so much JOY! Glad you’ve discovered it! Thanks for stopping by girl! Happy Sunday! XO

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