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I’ve had a lot of requests for what my exercise routine consists of. I feel like I’ve talked about this maybe too much already, but I think we’re ALL constantly looking for ways to do things differently, or how to be more motivated, which is all good. So I’ll share again. It’s SO IMPORTANT to always be changing up what you’re doing. Your body adapts very quickly to a routine, and so it’s important to always challenge it! I have been in quite the rut since May. That’s when I fell and completely tore my ACL in my knee, causing me to leave all my tennis teams for a while until I have surgery. It has been SO HARD to watch my team play and not be a part of their success! It has really limited me in what I can do. I can only use the elliptical trainer, the stationary bike some, and some walking on the treadmill. I’ve just recently been trying to do a bit of running, like ten minutes max. I’ve always been very active and ALWAYS been an exerciser! I’ve never had a problem with being motivated to work out! It’s ALWAYS hard, but the feeling I have after my workout, is SO WORTH IT!!! My surgery is scheduled in about another month, and then I’ll have a very tedious recovery time that is DEFINITELY going to test my patience…..SIX long months! Ugh!

But this is my routine, short and sweet, and so much room to improve!!! I do an hour of cardio every day but Sunday. This is a combination of the elliptical, treadmill, and bike. Sometimes 20+20+20, or 40+20, or 30+30, etc. I try to mix it up the best I can. I don’t like to work out outside because the terrain of the streets and sidewalks can really hurt my feet, yes I have issues with my feet too…titanium implants in my toes. So I have to watch them! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I lift weights for about 20 min. I really need to increase this, but it hasn’t happened yet. I used to love to do squats of any kind, but that has been out since my knee injury. So I’ll lift free weights for my shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, chest, along with pushups, planks or sit-ups. I’ll do four sets of each. I try to mix my weight routine up as well, doing a different exercise for shoulders, arms, etc. Often I will go out in the evening for a leisurely walk. This really, really helps me because I spend so much time in front of the computer. It’s nice to get out and “smell the roses”!!!! But other than that, that’s pretty much it.

I ALWAYS take at least ten minutes when I’m done, to stretch out. This becomes more and more valuable the older I get. My flexibility is what I notice most that changes with each year! That’s where yoga comes in! I know I need to go at least twice a week, but haven’t pursued that yet because of the knee issue. But hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to add that in to my routine!

And just one last thing I want to add, is my diet. It’s definitely NOT perfect! But I do watch what I eat for the most part. My proteins, which I try to have with every meal, consist of eggs, nuts, and a little salmon and chicken. I really have to watch my carbs, and I eat LOTS of berries and veggies. I usually drink a green juice 3-4 times a week, non-fat yogurt a couple times a week, and I always make sure to have chocolate. This is my weakness, but I  justify it because it’s DARK and it’s ALMONDS. I have them every day! I’m absolutely sure I eat too much sugar! I drink LOTS of water and I don’t drink a lot of soda, mostly just if I go to a movie. I HATE to cook and so if I don’t go out, I eat very scrappy like. The most I’ll do is an omelet with lots of veggies. I really feel (and I’ve seen so many women do this) that if you get too strict about your diet, it will backfire and it becomes very easy to binge and completely go the opposite of what you intended! It becomes harder and harder to maintain my weight, but I have been lucky that I’ve always been able to do that.

Anyway……that’s enough of that! The most important thing is to come up with a routine that’s doable and can be a life-style for you! Don’t be too strict, stay balanced, keep moving, and change things up!

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18 thoughts on “My Exercise Routine

  1. I want to know about your hair ,was it naturally blonde and what color ,products do you use ,I have naturally dark brown hair with blonde highlights ,I’m trying to let it go gray ,because I have so much gray in it

    1. Hi Lorene, no my hair isn’t naturally like this! It was dark brown. I did a whole blog post on it with all the products I use back on August 3rd. It was going so gray that this was easier than trying to keep it dark! SO MUCH EASIER, and MORE FUN!!! XO

  2. You are gorgeous! I love your hair and style. Good for you keeping up with exercising while dealing with the ACL. I need to start adding in weights. I walk daily or swim.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Weights are so important as we age!!! Building muscle brings so many benefits to our health!!! And walking and swimming is PERFECT!!! I’m not a swimmer at all, but know that for any injury it’s so good because of the non-weight bearing on your joints!!! XO

  3. Good luck on ACL repair! It is a long recovery, did mine 12 years ago . Get to rehab as soon as possible after as this helps expedite recovery.

    1. Katie, yes I’ve heard that the re-hab part of it is CRITICAL!!! I plan to be there ASAP after surgery….believe me!!! And THANK YOU! xo

  4. I too have titanium Rods there in my lower Back so I have to watch what I do. But I not very self motivated, but I know I have keep moving. None of my Friends exercise. You look beautiful as always I’ll keep you in my Prayers for your upcoming Surgery, praying for a fast recovery and healing. xoxo

    1. Hi Rita, THANK YOU so much for your good wishes! It’s probably hard when none of the people around you exercise! YOU’LL just have to be the example!!! It ALWAYS pay off!!! XO

  5. Good luck on ACL repair! I do about the same on cardio and weights. Like you, I want to add in yoga. I keep an eye on my body fat as well. You look great:) keep inspiring!

    1. Hi Lisa, sounds like you have it down!!!! Good for you! It seems it gets harder the older I get, so have to constantly be improving! And THANK YOU!!! XO

  6. Oh, Shauna, I know just how much of a nuisance a damaged ACL is. Aqua-planed over a freshly polished floor, would up in a weird kind of squat and hurt mine. Was like you, always active, and every now and then it “goes out.” Not damaged enough for surgery. Hope yours is a complete success!?

    1. Thank you Jan for your comment! It’s never fun to have an injury!!! It will definitely be a test of my patience! Hope yours is feeling better! XO

  7. So sorry to hear about your ACL injury, hopefully you’ll be back playing tennis soon. Sounds like you have a great exercise routine. I exercise every day with an app called Daily Burn and I love it. That plus walking, biking, tennis, and hiking keeps me active!

    1. Karie, thank you for your comment! It sounds like you’ve got a great routine as well! I’ll have to check out that app!!! XO

  8. Hi Shauna, I keep you in prayer for your surgery hoping you having a good recovery you look beautiful like always greetings from Lakewood Washington. Exercise wise I walk everyday for one hour I just love to walk in nature. If it’s rainy which happens a lot over here in Washington in Fall and Winter I just go on YouTube and find a good aerobic exercise for 1 hour. Best of wishes to you Shauna.

    1. Hi Connie, Thank you for your good wishes! I may be learning how to LOVE walking!!! I’ll do anything to keep moving! And good for you that you’ve been able to work around the rain!!! XO

  9. I will be praying for you–surgery. Thanks for inspiring re: diet and exercise. The hardest part is the nutrition part!!
    Blessings to you.

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