My AVEDA Salon!

Just wanted to ask a question here….do you have an EXPERIENCE when you go to your hair salon??? If your answer is “no”, then you should keep reading! I have always loved my hair days! Getting a fresh cut and color always feels so good! My hair salon, Landis Lifestyle Salon, is an EXPERIENCE! Not kidding at all. Situated on one of the most premier corners in Salt Lake City, with floor to ceiling paned windows, it has such a cool vibe! It’s an AVEDA salon, which I’ve always been a huge lover of AVEDA products of any kind! From the minute you walk in to this spacious lobby, you’re hit with the aroma of scented candles. If you’ve never had an Aveda candle before, you’ve missed out! I LOVE them for my home! Your greeted by such friendly receptionists who check you in, and then walk you back to a sitting area, where they serve you a beverage…I always ask for their signature tea! I have this tea at home too, that’s how good it is. It’s all organic, no sugar, and no caffeine! I usually go through a couple of cups while I’m there! Then your stylist comes and gets you and does a bit of a consultation to decide the specifics of your appointment. But mixed in to that, is a head and neck massage! OH SO GOOD! Could be my favorite part besides the tea! The whole ambiance of this salon is so relaxing! It has the coolest industrial-type feel with wood floors, high ceilings, and brick walls.

I’ll be blogging about my Aveda salon a lot, telling you about my favorite products and treatments. Their shampoos, lotions, conditioners, scalp treatments….EVERYTHING is supreme! I just learned about this one the other day called Pramasana. It removes build-up and helps increase microcirculation! I really want to try this one next time. My stylist said this can help stimulate hair growth!

I have really LOVED my experience here at Landis, and really do look so forward to my appointments here. I use them for my hair, my lashes, and my brows. Below I’ve linked all the hair products I use. They work perfect for giving me my textured pixie cut volume and hold!!!!!



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  1. I have been going to Van Michael’s Salon in Atlanta which is also an Aveda Salon.
    I enjoy being pampered while getting my hair done.
    My bathroom is filled with Aveda products and I love their candles!

  2. Yay! I am moving to Tulsa soon…..I can visit the Ihloff Salon there. Can’t wait cuz I’ve been growing out my white/gray hair. Really want to try platinum tho. It just looks so awesome on you! Suggestions on hair dye products, does Aveda do color?

  3. My salon is an Aveda salon too.I spend a lot of time there. I get my hair blow dried and styled every week. I am thinking of getting a shorter pixie . I want it to stand up like yours.

  4. Id love to go platinum but I’m sooooo afraid of the process. I am naturally brunette but now probably 75 % white. How do you get to where you are today ? It’s spectacular!!

  5. Your hair is amazing! So clear you’re getting fabulous service along with your fantastic experience.

    Can’t wait until Aveda comes out with more scent-free products. The Phomolient isn’t too scented, and works a charm.

    The “experience” at the Aveda salon I frequented for three years was transparently regimented, the compliments forced and phoney, the head & neck massages perfunctory. From what I hear, these things are trained in the institutes, but it seems a lot depends on the technique execution and the culture of any particular salon. The top stylist was worth it, even worth booking months in advance when I would be on trips to that city, worth it until she spent a session talking non-stop about her series of vacation mishaps and cut badly into an area that needs to stay long for my hair to remain manageable. No apology; are apologies against Aveda policy, or is that salon by salon? Instead she tried to sell me a product to weigh down the area where she’d created a problem that would take 6 months to rectify. For $240. Friend’s color ruined badly, yet piled with “compliments” by staff, had to insist on correction work which was granted only grudgingly. I felt terrible for having referred her. Staff also googled clients’ backgrounds; overhearing conversations they tried to force, as they ignored signs the client preferred discretion to fawning, was very uncomfortable. The senior stylist there does have specific color skills I haven’t found elsewhere, so I still refer people occasionally, with the caveat to use a pseudonym and pay cash.

    Sounds like Landis is the real deal! Will stop by if I’m in your area. That tea is really TDF, did not know you can buy it for home.

  6. Okay, I just have to share with you so you can contrast our experiences! I live in the far southwestern corner of New Mexico. There is one beautician in our county- yes- one. In the county. She is a lovely person, but I drive 60+ miles across empty desert to Arizona to my stylist- Sunny- because she understands my fine, straight hair and gives me the perfect pixie every time.

    Although she’s only there once a month, I make my schedule fit hers; she’s that good. Her shop is a tiny room at the bottom floor of her house, filled with antique hair gadgets and products. We start yakking before I’m fully in the door, catching up on all the news since we last saw each other. She cuts my hair, then let’s me use her flat iron to fix it because she knows I’m headed to town after she’s finished. I pay my $10.00 and hit the road.

    I drive the 45 additional miles to get to a town with a real grocery and hardware store to buy a few weeks worth of groceries and run a few errands, fill up my water jug and head for home before my groceries get warm. It’s a 5 hour trip by the time I’m done. When I finally get home, I’m really glad to be back in the quiet and stillness. For awhile… in 3 or 4 weeks I’ll be hankering for the bright lights again! As a friend says, “We aren’t in the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here!”

    1. This story is adorable! I’m in a rural area in Texas and, while not quite as extreme as your situation, it’s much the same. I totally “get it”!

  7. Would it be appropriate for me to ask the name of your stylist? I’m still working out how to go grey as gracefully as possible. (And I live in SLC–I’ve been going to the Landis Aveda salon on 9th East.)

    1. Yes, that’s the one I go to too Marjorie! My stylist is Harley and I LOVE her!!! XO

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