My closet makeover CHICover50


This may or may not be what you expect. A fashionista who adores clothing and all things related to fashion…. and her closet. Clearly in my dreams, my closet would be ENORMOUS. It would look like a store in fact! That would be my dream, but for now I’ll settle for the space I have and make it look the very best I can! Believe me, I know how to make a tiny space fabulous and functional!!!

my closet makeover

The funny thing about SPACE is…. no matter how much you have, it gets filled up. And most of the time, with stuff you don’t need! I was there once and have done ALL that. I used to live in a HUGE HOUSE with a HUGE CLOSET…. like a bedroom size. Not only did I fill it up, but it was also too full! Do we really need that much stuff? I think back to my simple mama, and how meticulously she went through what very little she had before she passed, so that her children wouldn’t have to do it. Think about that one……


Just recently we moved in to our first home TOGETHER. After we got married (if you’re interested in that story, it’s here) we were living in a temporary home. Unquestionably when I saw the home we live in now for the first time, I KNEW it was for us. It’s gorgeous, manageable, and perfect! The only problem was….. the closet space. I thought to myself, “can I do it?” It was tiny. There were other rooms that were going to be guest bedrooms, and they did have their own closets……. so maybe there was a way!

We bought the home, YAY! Without a doubt some serious cleaning out had to be done. I went through EVERYTHING….. my clothes, shoes, as well as my accessories! I had three drop-offs…. the Desert Industries (Goodwill), my consignment store Namedroppers, and my family. At least one third of what I had was donated or given away. Do I miss it? Nope not yet!!


In my NEW HOME, I got a closet company to come in and make the most of my space. This DID make a difference! Don’t be afraid to invest in maximizing your space with the professionals. Also in my bedroom there was an empty wall that was about ten feet long. My closet company built me a BEAUTIFUL cabinet with glass front doors, to fill that space. In the middle is a huge mirror that sits on the floor. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I have used this built in cabinet to show off all my pretties. All of my colorful shoes, scarves, jewelry, hats, sweaters, are arranged neatly. Most of my jeans are in there as well and I love it because I can actually SEE them! It has been so much easier to find what I’m looking for!

For many years I was told to get matching hangers. FINALLY everything is hung beautifully on hangers that all look the same. HERE are the ones I used and I really like how everything stays without slipping! It really does look so much nicer!


My closet is organized in to categories and then colors. For example I have a tee shirt section, tops and blouse section, sweaters and sweatshirts section, and sections for dresses, skirts, pants. Most of my sweaters are folded on my shelves, and without a doubt organized by color.

Every section in my closet is organized again by color. Subsequently now when I need something, I can find it so much quicker than if everything was just thrown in there together! My closet isn’t big enough to hold all seasons, so now is about the time that I would switch things around. For example, winter pants to summer pants, etc.

I’m sure you all can guess what’s in the guest bedroom’s closets! Yep…. MY CLOTHES! Besides, what else were we going to put in there? These closets hold my seasonal clothes, all of my “special” clothes, my coats, and my extra shoes.

My closet makeover CHICover 50

my closet makeover


Last but not least, my accessories! Most of my jewelry is stored in a drawer. Some of my really special fun pieces are arranged in my display cabinet…. remember I like it to look like a store! I keep my belts in a single layer displayed in a cute floral box in my closet. My scarves are folded and stacked neatly in my cabinet. My workout wear is in a dresser drawer folded in to categories…. tights, bras, tops, shorts. And not to forget my cowboy boots…. they are all displayed on top of my cabinet in a row and I LOVE that I can see them!


Without a doubt my closet makeover was liberating! I love that what I have in there is everything I love, and things that I would choose to wear most of the time. I’ve shared that truth that we wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time. I still do have my favorites, but I’m wearing more of what’s in there all the time! So do it! Thin out your closet and get it organized!!! It will make you feel SO GOOD!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “MY CLOSET MAKEOVER

  1. Hi Shauna! Oh thank you for posting this. It’s the one I was waiting for. :-). Great ideas and what beautiful displays-all categories. Not only fun, but functional and so nice to look at. I agree, if you can’t see it or find it quickly, it’s soon forgotten.
    I like using small plates or dishes for jewelry and rotating them. Makes it easy to see combinations and experiment with different ways to wear favorites. (Using pieces from my grandmother since I don’t want to part with them)
    Hope you are both enjoying the new house. Always a lot of work but so worth it!
    Happy Spring Shauna and have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Pam! You are welcome!!! Functional is getting more and more important to me! That small dish on my dresser and many in my cabinet, all have sentimental meaning behind them. One is from my grandmother. I love using them to store jewelry too! Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you liked it! Happy spring Pam, and come back again soon! XO

  2. Hi Shauna, I used to work for a closet design company and I learned how to help people get organized with all your tips. Some people keep clothes from high school and they’re 50!! If you have to keep it, put it in a box somewhere else. Great tips!! 😘

    1. Sarah THANK YOU for chiming in. You are the expert!! There’s nothing that feels better than to have an organized closet and STUFF! It makes getting dressed each a day a BREEZE! Have a LOVELY WEEK girl! Come back again soon! XO

  3. Love this! I’m an organizer! 😘For some reason I’m not getting your blog. I love reading it. Can you check on it for me?

    1. Hi Candy….. Thank you for your comment!! ORGANIZATION is key when it comes to maximizing your closet, right? I haven’t put out any newsletters for a couple of months but hope to be on it again in the next few weeks. I’m so happy you’ve missed it. You can always just login anytime here. But yes, I’ll be working on a NEWSLETTER with blog updates THIS WEEK! Have a nice day!!!! XO

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