My Best Denim Outfit Inspiration Ideas

With denim being what I wear the most, I like to stay updated on the latest looks and fashion trends. And so yet another blog with some more DENIM OUTFIT INSPIRATION for you all today!

Denim is all over the place in terms of styles. The cropped wide leg is everywhere right now, and just may be my next investment! I LOVE the way they look with high ankle booties! The denim in this pic is actually that jumpsuit I wore a couple of weeks ago, with a fluffy white jacket over the top. This one linked here, is very similar.

Denim on denim style looks so CUTE I think! I love putting different looks together, and think that it’s probably the easiest thing in your closet to be creative with! You can pretty much do ANYTHING with denim which makes it extremely versatile!!!!!! So…..HERE ARE MY TOP FOUR LOOKS!





I could truly go on and on and on with DENIM STYLE! I hope these give you some inspiration to go out and create your denim looks! You see there is so much variety out there. I think my very favorite of these four looks is the FOURTH with these fabulous embroidered jeans! I’ve told you before, but when I was in about Jr. High School, my mom made me a denim jacket and pants with embroidery everywhere. Oh how I wish I still had that adorable set! The jeans here sort of took me back to those memorable days!!!!! Still can’t believe my mom had the time to create such magic for me! She was and still IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “My Best Denim Outfit Inspiration Ideas

  1. Those embroidered jeans are fabulous; I love them. I’ll be watching for something like that for my petite frame….I had an embroidered denim jacket when I was in n my 20’s. I paid someone to embroider flowers all over it…it was such a unique piece but someone stole it out of the washing machine when I did my laundry at the laundromat. Ah yes life in my 20’s was something else but even then I comforted myself with the thought that someone must have needed that jacket more than I did. BTW what a beautiful blessing your Mum is…I’m happy for you to have her…and I’m sure she’s pretty proud of you. Thanks for what you do to inspire us. ?

    1. Kathie….thanks for stopping by! Someone STOLE IT????? You are kidding me! I wish I still had the one my mom made for me. You are SO SWEET to be able to forgive like that! Have a wonderful week!!!!! XOXO

  2. I love your blog on Love and Valentines Day it is so much better when you have that special person to spend it with. I have been single for 2 years now . I will make My Valentines Day awesome I’m going to cook me some dinner and watch Nextflix. You enjoy yours and post plenty of pics I think you are awesome

    1. Ellen, YOU are SO SWEET! I think you will be able to have yourself a REALLY SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! I think that’s awesome that you would treat yourself to a GREAT DAY! I’ll be thinking of you on that day!!!! XOXO

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