Make This Sweater Set Versatile

THIS LOOK from Anthropologie

How do you make this sweater set versatile? I look at this and see all the possibilities, but I know there are many that look at it and wonder what to do with it! This set was found at Anthropologie. I was there shopping over the holidays, and one of my favorite sales people, Dirk, was there and brought this to me back in the dressing room. He said, “Shauna, I know this will look super on you, you should try it on!”

I wondered why I hadn’t seen it as I walked through the store. Surely the color and pattern would have caught my eye! But I have to say when he brought it back, I wondered if it would look good on me! So I put it on half-thinking that it wasn’t going to work. But….. I was pleasantly surprised. You know when you try something on and you immediately know you LOVE it? That’s what this set was for me!

So…… how do you make this sweater set versatile? You break it up. You wear the sweater with all kinds of things, and you wear the skirt with all kinds of things. And this is when it gets fun! How would you style each piece? Is there a way to make it look different wearing it together? YES! Wear it with your favorite jacket or a faux fur vest. Or put on a hat and sneakers! There ARE ways, in fact several ways to style it as a set as well!


The skirt would be so cute with this graphic tee and unique denim jacket. Wear it with or without the jacket, depending on your weather. I love the idea of it with sneakers, and these are super affordable!


I just picked up these jeans the other day and LOVE the high-waist and seamed front. They are just the right style that works beautifully with a cropped sweater. I’ve paired them with some basic mules and added a hat and a colorful belt bag. This bag is ADORABLE…. right?!


This is a really fun way to wear the sweater. These pants are fabulous! Such statement pants, and such a great price-point! I love the metallic boots with it. The pop of blue earrings are the perfect punch to this look!

Here is another “SET” that was fun to break up. I styled the skirt here, and the top right here. This was from two years ago, right after I met my husband! Such fun memories for me! I still have both of these pieces in my closet and still love wearing them separately OR together!!!!!

So I hope you can see how much mileage you can get out of sets. A suit would act the same way. I still don’t have a suit yet, and have had my eye looking out for one for at least a year! Perhaps THIS and THIS?!!

Shauna XO

Note: I noticed a few weeks ago that it seemed there were some of you that didn’t know you could actually hover over a picture in the carousel of the linked outfit, AND CLICK, and get to that item to shop! Does that make sense? Also anything that is listed IN COLOR within the text, you can ALSO CLICK and get to that item. LIKE THIS for example! 🙂

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