Long Live the Beach

This tee was gifted to me, and what perfect timing, as I’ve been able to spend time at the beach this passed week! Isn’t it the cutest? It’s here. And these jean shorts are always in my bag when I visit the beach! In fact these I’ve had for years and years and years! I love wearing them over my swimsuit, especially when I know I’ll be doing some hiking and exploring! They are rough and rugged and it doesn’t matter if there are mishaps, in fact the more mishaps (spots, rips, or tears) the BETTER! And just a tip about buying denim shorts…I like to size up! Tight denim shorts on a woman my age, IS NOT ATTRACTIVE….on anyone!!! I’ve linked some for you here, along with this great hat, that I’ve also had for a few years. It’s from Rag and Bone.

This was probably the best part of my vacation…….time at the beach. I think I could live there forever!!! I was able to be on some of the best and cleanest beaches ever. I enjoyed lots of blue skies and always a cool breeze! There’s nothing like it, and I can’t wait to go back soon!!!

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