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I have been asked a lot about whether or not I’ve had work done on my face. Several years ago, I had some work done on my eyes. That’s the first thing I noticed that started to look tired. I have loved the results!! I went to one of the best doctors here where I live. He was conservative in his approach which was important to me. But I’ve ALWAYS been afraid of Botox, which I have found in talking to other women, pretty much EVERYONE has had Botox. Even those women who you’d think would never consider it. It has just always scared me! I see women who to me look like they’ve done way too much, and to me it just doesn’t look good! But a couple of months ago, while I was at a dermatologist appointment, Inna, (pictured here) from Gateway Aesthetic Institute and Laser Center explained more to me about Botox. I had my first experience right between my eyebrows. I loved it! It didn’t make me feel frozen like I thought it would. She is very good at what she does, and I completely trust her. I’m thinking now about doing a Light & Laser Facial in a few months. This treats age spots, wrinkles, spider veins, facial redness, moles, birthmarks, pores, uneven skin tone, texture, and more. I’ve never done ANY kind of laser peels or treatments, so I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Here is a fantastic article Inna wrote that would be very helpful to read.

I would tell anyone who is thinking about doing anything when it comes to injections or any kind of work on your face, to go to someone who has been referred to you, and has an impeccable reputation! Don’t skimp when it comes to this stuff! I have heard horror stories about women trying to get a “good deal”! Also think on the conservative side. I didn’t do anything until well in to my 50’s! Just my opinion I know, but to see young girls doing this just seems crazy to me!

Here are a few questions to ask…

1- Ask your provider how long he or she has been doing that particular procedure and how many patients they have performed it on.

2- Have they seen any complications from it and what kind?

3- What percentage of the patients were thrilled with the procedure and would they do it again?

Remember everyone is different and unique and you want to make sure the procedure is customized for you specifically. So there you have it. Just my own thoughts on facial procedures! I’m EXTREMELY conservative and cautious when it comes to anything like this! But I really trust Inna and value her knowledge and opinions!!! I would love to hear your take and experiences!!!

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    1. Hi Katerina, I don’t think you can actually post the article to Instagram, but you can copy and paste the link. It won’t take your readers directly there, but they would have something to type in to their browser bar. Does that make sense??? XO

  1. I’m at the one week, one day mark of having had a laser treatment on my face. Today is the first day I look somewhat normal, but I can tell already that I will love the end result. I’m mostly hoping it diminishes my dark circles, which, in my case, are hereditary. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the great information!! I won Botox and turned it down because I did’t know anything about the Dr!! Girlfriends could not believe I did it but I wasn’t ready at the time!! My eyes do look tried and the nurse told me for my for your tried eyes, so now I am thinking about having it done!!

    1. Hi Susan, I know how you feel! I have ALWAYS been horrified with Botox! If you decide to do it, do little tiny bits at a time, to make sure you don’t feel weird about it! Baby steps like I like to say! It seems that it’s the eyes that always start to show our age first! Best wishes! XO

  3. I am 65 years old and I had my permanent makeup done for my birthday in March……I LOVE it! I’ve recently realized I’ve been getting little tiny broken blood vessels showing in my cheeks, maybe caused from being stressed & overweight during my husband’s 6 year illness, I’ve lost 36 pounds now, 14 more to go. Reading about this procedure, I now know what my next birthday present will be to myself. The Light & Laser Facial seems to be just the answer, Thank you for the info. I have plenty of time to research before my next birthday in March. I might even get botox between my eyebrows! My life is beginning over again at 65 years old……who would have known I’d feel like getting a new life. I used to think 65 was soooooo done! Guess what……even 65 year old girls just wanna have fun!!!!! AND look good doing it!!!!!

    1. Sherry!!!! LOVE THIS! Yes it’s SO AMAZING that at 65 you can feel new again……SO INSPIRING! Congratulations for having such a healthy outlook on your life! There’s ALWAYS time to reinvent yourself!!! LOVE you already! XO

  4. I agree that you have to go to someone you trust. On that note, I’m wondering if you would share who you went to for your eye procedure? You look great, and the one consultation I had scared me. He wanted to do way more than I was interested in, and I haven’t been back since.

    1. Hi Gwen, Yes RED ALERT, when they suddenly have a plan for you that wasn’t your plan at all!!!! If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email, I will share with you my doctor! Are you in SLC? XO [email protected]

  5. Thank you for this article. I have been thinking about having some work done on my face. I plan on seeing a plastic surgeon. Now I know what to ask when I see him.

    1. Hi Kim, SO HAPPY it was helpful!!! I just know that the most important thing is to go to someone who has a GREAT reputation!!! Good luck! XO

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