Lake Powell With My New Family

I just got home from spending a whole week at Lake Powell with my new family! Never did I think that I would ever inherit another family. My plan was not this at all. But how blessed I am that they are ALL amazing and have welcomed me in to their fold with SO MUCH LOVE!

But let me just tell you about Lake Powell! It is simply the most beautiful lake you’ll ever spend time on. It’s situated on the border of Southern Utah and Arizona. It winds in and out of the most majestic red rock canyon walls, and has 1960 miles of shoreline. It has been a favorite of mine from my days as a mother to my three boys!

We were there staying on a houseboat, along with the most fab PINK ski boat, and a couple of wave runners. There were also lots and lots of blow-up toys involved, which were a blast! I’ll be posting a lot of these pictures in the next couple of weeks. I wore mostly LimeRicki swimwear! These cute suits I’m in here were all from LimeRicki. I took four bottoms and four tops all of which mixed and matched with the others.

Also packed in my bag was some Lululemon, JCrew, and Cabana Life. Of course when you go down to Lake Powell, the fun takes over the fashion in an instant. There were so many fun activities every day! What a trip and what a wonderful memory making experience with my family. Oh…and by the way, I’M MARRIED NOW! We got home from Lake Powell and were married two days later. I can’t wait to share my pics with you all, and talk about OUR DAY! It was nothing short of MAGICAL….in every way you could think of!

You can find Lime Ricki tops here and the bottoms here!

Packing the way I did in almost exclusively one brand, was so easy because it cut down on what I was taking, and I was able to get a lot of different looks. I loved my high-waisted bottoms. After carrying and giving birth to three sons my stomach has been stretched beyond! Some day I would love to have surgery to get my tight stomach back!!!

Staying away from social media was REALLY DIFFICULT! When you work as hard as I do on my brand, walking away for a week is nerve-racking! But I’m proud to say I DID IT! My new hubby was thrilled that I was focused only on relaxing and enjoying what was around me…..and I sure did! Being at Lake Powell with my new family was a memory I’ll treasure forever! Taking a break is so vital to our overall well-being. I would recommend it to anyone!

Now married, and now back to work. Stay tuned for all the details of my wedding……and to see what I wore! IT WAS AWESOME and I felt SO GOOD IN IT, and it had MY NAME WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! It couldn’t have been MORE PERFECT!


Shauna XO

35 thoughts on “Lake Powell With My New Family

  1. Oh my gosh Shauna!!!! You look so fabulous and sooooo HAPPY! I am thrilled for you and if I could rock swimwear like you I would never wear anything else! XOXO, Kim

    1. I’m a new follower and I instantly fell in love with you! Can’t explain it, instant connection! Maybe because our style is so crazy similar! Congratulations on your wedding, can’t wait to see pictures! ?

      1. Sandy hello!!!! THANK YOU! The connection between us mid-lifers can be CRAZY, right??!!! I’ll be posting a blog hopefully this weekend with SOME pics. Don’t know when my photographer will be finished with everything, but THANKS for caring! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! XO

    2. Shauna, After seeing you rock Lime Ricki fun wear and talking about Lake Powell and its beauty, I will definitely go and experience its magical effect it offers. My boyfriend(Jared) just returned to Lake Powell to live and is always saying I need to come see the most gorgeous lake and its serenity there is. Thank you for giving me the faith in myself to feel good about wearing Lime Ricki fashion wear. I thought at 57 yrs old nothing I wear would make me feel good . I was wrong……

      1. Hi Connie! Your boyfriend LIVES there? How fun! What does he do? It really is worth going to experience not just once, but MANY TIMES! GO…..and rock your LIMERICKI girl!!!! XO

    1. I’m a new follower and I instantly fell in love with you! Can’t explain it, instant connection! Maybe because our style is so crazy similar! Congratulations on your wedding, can’t wait to see pictures! ?

  2. I found you on pinterest, I was looking at crafts and all the hair stuff came up and then models modeling clothes, so I liked the clothes and you are just so down to earth and natural beauty. Alot has gone on in my life, not all good. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Carla I’m SO HAPPY you found me on Pinterest. A lot of people have, and there was a time I wasn’t aware of that! Wishing you THE VERY BEST EVER! We all go through challenges and periods of time where it’s so tough! But prayer for me is what helped the most! I’ll remember you in mine! XO

  3. Congratulations Shauna I’m soooo happy for you and your new Husband, God will bless this new Life you and your Husband will build. Can’t wait to see the Pictures. Wishing you all the Love and Happiness.

    1. Ah many congratulations to you both.
      You always look AMAZING, I’m struggling to find my style now I’m over 50 but you are such an inspiration.
      I’m getting married too next year so I’m super excited to see your pics.
      I think you’re fabulous. X

      1. Absolutely stunning. I live everything about your look. You rock in any attire. Ohhh….and CONGRATULATION. Look forward to seeing your wedding pictures..xo

  4. You look fabulous in those suits!!! There is definitely a change in your smile, so much happiness coming through!!!

  5. You look phenomenal as always ! I Love the limerickie swimwear, its adorable.
    Im beyond happy for you ❤ you deserve so much happiness. I cant wait to see pics of your wedding. XOXO

  6. Shauna, first off, congrats on your newly married life! We are all so happy for you. Please do your research on tummy tucks. I overheard a woman in a dressing room tell her friend that her body hasn’t been the same since her surgery. She said she is constantly feeling discomfort in her abdomen. Embrace the strong body that birthed 3 babies! As women, that is our super power! Just hold in your ab muscles, and all will be well. ❤️

    1. Dear Shauna sincere wishes and blessings on your marriage. Sending blessings and more blessings from South Africa.

  7. I am the same age as you and yesterday was 19 years with my new hubby! Best of luck I love your blog and your style is awesome

  8. I love your emails and love how inspiring you are! I’m 60 and still wear bikinis (more full coverage ones but still bikinis) and overalls and fun clothes. I’ve had some people question why I even want to dress that way and I tell them because it makes me happy! Thanks for sharing all you do! You’re adorable and I’m so happy for your new marriage and life!

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