It’s Indie Lee

It’s called Indie Lee……eco-chic facial products that I’m talking about today,

and I have to say I’ve fallen in LOVE with them!

These products were created because of a health scare that the founder had.

They are all-natural and formulated with high concentrations of bioactive enzymes and cultures.

I have LOVED using the COQ-10 Toner after workouts!

I dab it over my face and neck with a cotton pad and it feels so refreshing and clean!

I follow that up with the facial cream, which is fabulously rich and absorbs nicely in to my skin.

Sometimes moisturizers can feel heavy and greasy-like on your face, but this one doesn’t!

I’ve really loved how they make my face feel!

I traveled with them to Paris and used them while I was there,

and my skin really felt and looked so healthy!

I NEVER skip my routine when it comes to skin care…..EVER!

Taking time every morning and night to wash and moisturize your skin really does pay off!

Diet, drinking lots of water, and staying out of the sun of course too,

but taking the time to know what your skin needs is so important!

If you don’t really know what to do, I suggest getting a facial.

The aestheticians can educate you on what your skin needs, and products to use!

And these Indie Lee products would be a fantastic place to start!

I would HIGHLY recommend them to any of you!