It’s a BEAUTIFUL Shawl

Remember when you were young…..I think we all experienced the oh so fun activity of Tye-Dying!!! A couple of years ago I gathered my littles around and that’s what we did one summer afternoon! They had such great fun, and can even be seen occasionally in their own creations. Well…..this girl, Jackie, IS A MASTER of this art!!! Her company DYETOLOGY is one that she has created with such passion! Her things are absolutely beautiful! Each piece is hand-dyed and made with natural fiber materials. The quality is impeccable! This shawl with its GORGEOUS colors can be worn so many ways! I wished I would have had it last week when I was at the beach….it would have been the perfect little cover-up! My preferred way to wear it is always with jeans and a tee-shirt! And my blue floral heels were the perfect match to show it off! What about dressing it up, with a simple dress underneath? I’m thinking black with some black lace-up heels!!! So CHIC!!!!!! Also wearing all white underneath would be stunning for the summer months! I’ve linked this look below, and the necklace is on sale!!!!

Check Jackie out on Instagram @dyetology

Jeans  |  Tee Shirt  |  Floral Heels  |  Lipgloss (LaMain Bleue)  |  Necklace

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! Shauna…..XO



4 thoughts on “It’s a BEAUTIFUL Shawl

  1. Love the Shawl!! I have so enjoy your blog Shauna and look forward to reading the next one!! Looking forward to the next festival!! susan

    1. Hi Susan!!! Thank you so much for your comment!!!!! Yes, I will keep you posted about ALL KINDS OF FUN!!! xo

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