It Fuels My Ballsy

What fuels my Ballsy?!! You might say, what does that even mean? Well to me, it means what fuels me to be brave and courageous and moving forward, and living life with no fear?

I’ve always loved being active! From early in my teens, I loved riding bikes, skateboarding, running outside….anything that kept me moving! Funny, how I feel the same way today! Being a mother of  boys, it was easy to stay moving, just keeping up with them. Now that they are raised and gone, I have my grandkids that fills that void. But of course that’s just part time. It’s easy for me as a blogger, to spend many hours in front of my computer working! I exercise every day, and am playing tennis again, but still there are lots of hours being still.

Bike-riding is such fun and so liberating! I don’t get on my bike enough, however when I do it’s ALWAYS a good time! One of my favorite things to do in NYC, is to get a CitiBike and ride it along the river! It makes me feel young again and carefree! It brings back so many fun childhood memories! In the summer, as a little girl, I used to like to ride my “stingray” bike to my Grandma’s house on Sundays. It was a challenge, but that was part of it….the challenge!

And how does that all tie in to how it fuels my ballsy? Well, when I feel healthy, (and eating dark chocolate is healthy) I feel good and strong and alive! It makes me feel ready to take on any brave challenge I might have! And who doesn’t want to feel their best EVERY day? I DO! And this bike of mine, well it’s the perfect one to ride so I can take along my Brookside Chocolate treats…..those delicious balls of chocolate with the tarty fruit centers!!! Yum all the time!

So friends….what FUELS YOUR BALLSY? Do you feel invigorated when you try something new? Does it motivate you to do more…to keep reaching for the stars? There isn’t anything more energizing than stepping outside of my norm and doing something new! And riding my bike with my Brookside Chocolate does just that for me!!!!


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5 thoughts on “It Fuels My Ballsy

    1. Hi Eva, yes the dress is just cotton. It’s definitely a keeper!!!! Whimsical-FUN! XO

  1. Such a cute dress!!I’ve all but steered away from shorts (except when working in the garden & around the house). For summer I much prefer the comfort and just being a tad bit more pulled together of skirts and dresses. How’s this for Ballsy: next month I’m taking my sister Rock Climbing for her 60th!

    1. Cheryl…..ROCK CLIMBING?????? Ballsy FOR SURE! Sounds AMAZING!!!! Good luck and be safe! XO

  2. What a cute dress, Shauna! Your look is summer perfection! I remember riding my bike as a kid as well. The last time I was on a bike was many years ago when I met up with an old coworker and he suggested we do some biking. Of course, growing up in SoCal, I figured it would be casual biking, so I wore flip flops. Instead, we biked 12 miles one-way through city streets in traffic and through the woods uphill to get to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate. Now how’s that for ballsy?! 😉

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