I’m Celebrating My Beautiful USA Today

I’m CELEBRATING MY BEAUTIFUL USA today. Along with age, comes a GREATER APPRECIATION for where I live and the FREEDOMS I enjoy. After going through the COVID experience, I think….. I HOPE we’ve all come to APPRECIATE MORE, all of our blessings. I sure have!!! It’s so easy to start taking these things for granted.

I’m so grateful for the FREEDOMS and the life I enjoy. Being able to go where I want to go, worship how I want to worship, and work and be what I want to be is invaluable. It’s not something to take lightly, and I believe that by acknowledging to God everyday these blessings….. it’s a way to HONOR them and HIM.

I think about those military families who are sacrificing EVERYDAY to keep us safe. They really do deserve all the praise and blessings! I’ve know some of them throughout the years and APPRECIATE THEIR SERVICE SO VERY MUCH! We need to remember them each day and find ways to honor and support them!

Today I’m wearing a white eyelet dress. This is so easy and comfortable and you can find it here. Summer whites are always so beautiful! I’ve been shopping white dresses for an upcoming wedding of a granddaughter. It’s going to look beautiful with everyone in white. I’ve linked some of my favorites below……. which one do you think I’ll choose for this garden wedding?


If you live here in America…… I hope that you will find some super fun ways to be CELEBRATING MY BEAUTIFUL USA too, and I think we should ALL MONTH LONG! And if you don’t live here, then I think you need to come and visit me! I’ll show you around some GORGEOUS country! Take care everyone and be safe and most definitely BE HAPPY!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “I’m Celebrating My Beautiful USA Today

  1. Hello
    I could
    Picture you wearing all of the dresses…but I choose the Chelsea chiffon midi dress from Nordstrom…. I think it would look amazing on you. In a few months I will begin the process of Mother of Groom dresses…

  2. Hi Maribeth…… yes that one is REALLY PRETTY! How exciting for your upcoming wedding!!!! BEST WISHES!!!!! Hope to chat again soon! XOXO

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