How To Wear Graphic Prints

When I saw these pants online, it didn’t take me long to decide if I could wear them! I want to talk about HOW TO WEAR GRAPHIC PRINTS today. I would be safe to say that most women would shy away from bold and bright prints. There are all the reasons, right? You have to be a certain size to pull them off, the print can’t be too big, they will overwhelm you, etc. It’s crazy because PRINTS are THE FIRST thing I gravitate to and I’m only 5′ 1″.

So what do you think? I know I have sky-high espadrilles on here and for sure that gives me an extra few inches in my height. But, I would wear these pants with a cute pair of flat sandals too. Do you think confidence matters? What I mean is, do you think that if I felt awkward in these that it might affect the way I look in them? I say YES!!!! You MUST feel confident in what you’re wearing in order to LOOK YOUR BEST! It’s just SO true. You can see it in people when they feel off in an outfit. SO YES, you have to feel confident in your clothes!

What else? Do you think a short person like me, but possibly a bit heavier, could wear these pants? Some would say NO WAY….. I SAY YES! Style them the correct way, and most definitely a heavier girl could totally rock these pants! Absolutely NO QUESTION!

I really think it has to be about the overall look. Are you wearing it with a complimentary top? Have you accessorized to compliment? What about the shoes? I think shoes are extremely important to the overall look! So…. below are some cute ways to style these.

The first is with a super casual tee and some sandals. Add a hat for some EXTRA oomph and sunnies and it’s a great summer look! These hats by the way are new to me and I absolutely LOVE THEM!

This look is ADORABLE with this denim top. It’s a cropped style so would tuck right in to the high-waisted pants! The jewelry is from Chicos and they ALWAYS have such great stuff! Add a cute bucket bag cross-style and this would be an outfit with such ease!!!

I love this dress for summer! The bold graphic floral is just subtle enough on the white background. It’s soft and feminine and so cute styled down with these TARGET budget-friendly sandals and cross-body bag. The dress is a bit pricey, so I’ve balanced it all out with more inexpensive accessories!

This top is fantastic I think! And with the classic button-down it would be in my closet FOREVER! I LOVE this type of shirt with the light-wash denim! These are priced at under $30!!! It really has a cute summer vibe. I would just wear some nude colored heels with just a touch of some fabulous jewelry!

Knowing how to wear graphic prints can really add a fun element to your style. You don’t have to be afraid of them. Wear them with confidence and just see how many compliments you’ll get! They definitely will make a statement!

Shauna XO

5 thoughts on “How To Wear Graphic Prints

  1. I love bold colors and prints, but as a plus size and short (5’3”)gal, I’ve hesitated at times to buy what I’m really attracted to. However, I think confidence is the key. Why not wear what I love regardless of my size? Thanks for posting this!

    1. Kim!!!!!! YES YES YES and YES girlfriend!!!!! If you are CONFIDENT, then YOU can wear it and it will look good! Look at all the girls that do this and look A-MAZZZING!!! Go for it girl! XO

  2. Love your new branding! Your blog is so utterly professional and your ideas are ever new. Love you too, my dear Friend.

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