Hmmm…How To Style!

This pretty girl, I had the pleasure of meeting in Chicago. Her name is Lindsay and her Instagram is another_day_another_outfit.

I really love her style, and thought with her being much younger than me, 36, it would be fun to do some style comparisons of our two different ideas! Interesting how we both saw this top best with white jeans! I don’t like wearing things off-shoulder as Lindsay did, but that’s the beauty of the top….you can wear it either way! The fabric is a light thermal-like, and soft and drapey! It’s from Free People and comes in eight different colors! You see it has a slouchy feel, and can easily be worn tucked or un-tucked!

It’s right here.

This is what Lindsay says about fashion…..

“When I think about my style and how fashion resonates with me, there’s a quote that is a true reflection of my style sense. “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable, style is more about being yourself,” from Oscar de la Renta. My style truly is a reflection of my personality. I’m never afraid to be just exactly who I am. I definitely don’t try to fit into a trend. I know I love a piece when I want to immediately go home and style it. I’ve learned over the years that if you’re really not certain about it in the store or you have any hesitation, you WON’T wear it. Don’t trick yourself into believing you will, because I know you won’t. It will just sit in your closet!

I gravitate towards pieces that I know I can style a few ways and will really get use out of. I don’t want a piece that I feel like it’s so memorable and that you’re limited to styling. That’s how this Mercury Tee was for me from Free People. I love the selection of colors and the fit. I chose to wear it a touch off the shoulder for such a slouchy relaxed fit. It feels like a shirt I can just throw on and go. This over joggers, shorts, or maybe even under some overalls. I feel like the possibilities are endless. I love that age is just a number and two people can wear it in similar, yet different ways.”

Thanks Lindsay…you look beautiful! XO

My white high-rise jeans are by Madewell and are here.

Some similar “shooties” are here and by Jeffrey Campbell!

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    1. Thank you! I just thought it was interesting that we styled it so similarly, all except her wearing it off shoulder! We want to keep these posts going periodically, so hopefully next time there will be more of a difference in styling! xo

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