Have You Tried Faux Leather?

Have you tried FAUX LEATHER? I mean the options out there are pretty much endless! Faux leather pants, overalls, skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, tops, jackets, and a fabulous trench coat too! I just recently saw some joggers as well, which I didn’t love, but I think with the right ones I could totally see myself wearing them!

I’ve had faux leather leggings before, but never a nice pair of a jean style pants. These from CHICOS have me convinced that everyone should try them! They are so buttery soft and comfortable! I love that they are JEAN INSPIRED. I’m thinking that these are going to be something that will get a LOT of use over here!

How would you wear them? These are so luxurious looking that they would most definitely work for an office of any kind, but then worn throughout the weekend! Add a tee or a sweatshirt and some sneakers and these would be SO ADORABLE! And when we get to TRAVEL more, these are the absolute perfect most versatile pants to pack!

My whole outfit here is from CHICOS. I’ve said this before, but when I shop I normally don’t shop for an “outfit”. I buy pieces that I LOVE and then work them in to all kinds of looks. This outfit was for a collaboration and so I did get all of it to go together. But the top can be used in so many other ways, as can the jeans.

The statement belt, hat, and jewelry can also be used over and over again! And the belt, is quite THE BELT!!! Also, a black hat is an essential for fall!

You’ve heard me say over and over and over….. make sure you can style your things more than just one way. Below you’ll see my favorite looks, with these pieces broken down and worn on their own! I LOVE each of my CHICOS pieces and you’ll see here how extremely versatile they are!

This outfit is so so fun! I love all the bucket hats we’re seeing right now, and this animal print one is right on point! The tee and sneakers are the perfect way to make these faux leather jeans look so super casual!

This is a great take on juxtaposition, with the graphic tee mixed with a great blazer and some fabulous heels! To dress it way up just add a soft pretty floral blouse underneath instead of the tee. You could also wear this look with your favorite sneakers as well. Make it weekend worthy with a cute hat like I’ve done above!

Have you tried faux leather yet….. you should. I’m excited to start styling mine many ways. I’ll be leaving for Arizona this week and plan to take them and wear both casual and dressed up!

Shauna XO