Happy Easter From Us Chicks!


Easter can mean many different things to people. For me it centers around my religious beliefs. I’m not sure how the Easter bunny and Easter eggs and baskets fits in to that picture! But it might be my favorite holiday!!! I love to see the belief in my littles faces, as they hunt for Easter eggs to fill their baskets that were brought to them from the Easter bunny himself! It’s such a fun time of year!  I love spring time, the new growth, flowers blooming, and warmer temperatures! Oh…and I won’t forget the new fashions!

A month or so ago when I was in LA working with my blogger friends, we thought it would be fun to do a few quick pictures dressed in these beautiful JCrew cardigans and tutus. Catherine, @catherinegraceo hunted down these tutus from Etsy. The cardigans are linked here. And they’re on sale, yay!!! It was such a fun morning gathering one last time before me and Cathy @themiddlepageblog flew back home. We have such fun together! I think we all felt a bit silly, and we may have had to talk Cathy in to the whole idea, but it was a memory that I’ll have forever! Walking across the highway in our pretty EASTER-like outfits was hilarious! It reminded me of when I was in high school, and maybe one day I’ll get in to that. We thought these would be the perfect EASTER snapshots! I LOVED the comments on my Boomerang post on Instagram from yesterday where we were dancing…

“A tulled skirt is absolutely necessary if you want to show joy!”

“It makes my heart smile!”

“You’re all tu-tu cute!”


“Love the tutus and your positivity!”

“We all should wear tutus once a week!”

“This makes me smile!”

Now a tutu isn’t the everyday skirt, but it was fun for a few minutes! So with that, I want to say HAPPY EASTER everyone…..from us three EASTER CHICKIES!