Good News from T-Mobile with Scam Shield

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Friends I have some GOOD NEWS from T-Mobile with SCAM SHIELD. This was launched last summer in 2020, and I’m here to help get the word out…. because it’s very worth listening to!

We don’t go out to dinner, at least to a more upscale restaurant all that often. We are more laidback and so prefer to eat at home (my husband LOVES to cook) OR….. we get a takeout picnic and go somewhere beautiful to sit. But when we do go out, it feels really special! We’ll do this on our birthdays, our anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. We truly do appreciate these times!

When we do go out, the last thing I want is a PESKY ROBOCALL! It seems they are getting worse and worse, don’t you think? They come in at all hours and in all places. It is so aggravating to say the least! Even when you’re blocking these calls yourself, it seems they just won’t STOP!

T-Mobile’s SCAM SHIELD, is a set of tools that EVERY ONE of their customers has FOR FREE with their service. They are there to protect you against SCAMMERS!!!!! Is that GOOD NEWS or what?? And I’m telling you SCAM SHIELD makes such a huge difference!!!

I have been able to go out with my husband to dinner, to a movie, or anywhere….. AND NOT BE BOTHERED! YOU too can be protected from scam calls, and ALL FOR FREE at absolutely NO COST to you!


SCAM SHIELD has FIVE LAYERS of protection!


TWO~ BUILT IN PROTECTION. Before you even get the call, their technology will STOP and IDENTIFY!

THREE~ KNOW WHO’S CALLING. You will see a caller’s info, even when they’re not in your directory!

FOUR~ KEEP YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER PERSONAL. You will get an extra PROXY number that you can use when you don’t want to share your private phone number.

FIVE~ A CLEAN SLATE. Just can’t get away from spam calls? You will be able to change your number for free, up to once per year!

ALSO…. did you know that people sixty and older are usually 6x more likely to LOSE MONEY on tech-support scams? I hear about this ALL THE TIME!!! Scam Shield will help with all of this!

So….. if you need a break from ROBOCALLS, there’s GOOD NEWS from T-Mobile with SCAM SHIELD!!!! And who doesn’t need a break from that??? You can now ENJOY your dessert in peace!!!

Shauna XO

12 thoughts on “Good News from T-Mobile with Scam Shield

  1. I love it when you wear that dress! It’s one of my favorites on you! Thanks for the tips. I’m all ears and as I get older I know it’s very important to be aware and cautious! Your always looking out for us 🙏🏼😘🥰😍😉 Thank you

    1. Cheryl SO HAPPY to share! I didn’t know there was anything like this out there. The SCAMMERS are getting out of control! Time to STOP THEM!!!! And, thank you btw! It’s such a fun dress! Have a great rest of your week! XO

  2. Hi Shauna, so glad you visited Boston!! That’s where I live , That cake looks fabulous, did you visit The North End where all the best Italian restaurants are? Thank you for all your tips and advice!! I always look forward to your posts!💕✌️

    1. Hi Nancy….. yes we were staying in the North End and really enjoyed your beautiful city! The baseball game and bike ride were our favorites!!!! We ate on Newbury Street a couple of times but can’t remember the name of the restaurants….. Italian and then the Cheers Bar. It was very clean!! Thank you so much for your comment Nancy, and hope to see you again very soon! XO

  3. This is great information as I also get overwhelmed by so many robo calls! Seems to happen all hours of the days and nights! Nothing worse than getting into a movie and rushing to the phone only to find out it wasn’t a friend or family member that needed you! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Suz YES! It’s getting out of control for sure!!!! This is an amazing tool! Time to STOP these crazies!!!! Thank you for stopping by! Hope you are well and happy! XOXO

  4. Great information! Nothing worse than getting robo calls all hours of the days and nights! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great information! Nothing worse that being absorbed in a good movie and a scam call interrupts your evening! Of course I’m going to grab my phone in case I have a family emergency…and then I see it!! Short of flushing my phone down the toilet I end up turning it off…temporarily! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Suz yes….. I think we all feel the same frustration at times. THIS is really great protection!!!!!! Have a WONDERFUL week! XO

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