Gift List For HIM

I LOVE the traditional buffalo check for me and for HIM! It’s my favorite plaid for a guy to wear, so rugged and “Ralph Lauren” looking!!! I bought this scarf/wrap a couple of year ago at Madewell. I loved the versatility of it, but somewhere along the way, it turned up missing! I have wondered and wondered about where it could have gone…maybe left somewhere while traveling? Anyway, the other day I found it! I was so HAPPY! When I see this plaid it reminds me of the mountains, and the snow, and some hot chocolate!!! Not only do I love it for him, but I love wearing it myself in a girly way, with some white jeans, black OTK boots, and a cute tee and cord choker! It’s so festive looking, right?!

I have here my GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM. The men in our life can be the hardest to buy for. I think I have a great selection here for you to browse through and hopefully find it helpful!


My outfit is here!

Wishing you all a really FABULOUS week!!! Stay safe out there!


4 thoughts on “Gift List For HIM

  1. I have what looks to be the same wrap which I impulsively grabbed a couple of days ago out of my closet for a flight to the Caribbean. Originally I was only going to wear a sweater type poncho but thought, “Hmmm, those flights can sometimes be reeeaally cold”. So glad I did because, although husband was wearing a vest, he was also cold on one of the flights. We were both able to snuggle under the wrap which totally saved us on that long leg of our flight. 🙂

  2. Hi Dawn……that’s AWESOME!!!!!! I always take some kind of a wrap or scarf on a plane because it’s mostly always freezing!!!!! I hope your husband appreciated you sharing it with him??? Happy Holidays! XO

  3. There are some fab ideas here….just wish you would have included an actual list. The photos are small-ish so it’s hard to see what the things are without having to click on them (maybe that was the point?).

    I really do think there are some useful ideas here, and I’m not trying to be snarky, just a suggestion.

    1. Hi Carol-Anne, no I don’t think you’re being “snarky” at all…thank you for your suggestion! I just liked the way it looked better having it be smaller images, also working better viewing it from your phone. Happy Holidays!

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