Fluffy Teddybear Coats and Bright Sweaters

You see that I can’t stay away from color for too long! This fluffy teddybear coat and yellow sweater are the perfect pairing to get me through the dreaded month of January! The coat is from last winter, but the sweater I just picked up and is ON SALE. Isn’t this yellow FANTASTIC??? Usually the yellows out there in the stores are a gold tone, which isn’t my favorite yellow! This shade is so cheery and happy and vibrant! LOVE it! The lightness and airiness of this sweater makes it so easy to layer underneath a big fluffy coat OR over another shirt!


If you don’t own a teddybear coat…you should consider! They are so cuddly on a cold winter day. This one came with me last year to New York in January and was PERFECT there! Add a cute beanie and mittens and you’ll be cozy as ever! I’ve linked some adorable ones here for you to shop! And just a note……they make the perfect coat for the MOVIES! It’s just like taking a big blanket with you to wrap up in!!!!!

There’s nothing like bright pops of color to brighten up your winter! You can easily wear bright colors during the winter months….it doesn’t have to always be dark, and it shouldn’t! Dressing like this is definitely more fun!!!

Now go out and get your TEDDYBEAR coat and pull out your colors and GO COZY and BRIGHT girlfriends!!!!!

Shauna XO

10 thoughts on “Fluffy Teddybear Coats and Bright Sweaters

  1. Liebe Shauna, du bist so eine wunderschöne Frau und ich bin ein großer Fan von dir!! Ich schaue fast jeden Tag auf deiner Seite und freue mich, wenn ich etwas neues von dir lesen kann. Mein Name ist Eva und ich komme aus Kassel in Deutschland!
    Viele Liebe Grüße aus dem kalten Germany

    1. Hi Eva!!! Thank you for your comment! I wish I knew what you were saying, but I sure do appreciate you stopping by!!!!! XOXO

  2. Love the look Shauna!
    My mother knitted me a sweater very similar when I was a teenager many years ago & I wore it to death!
    I always wore black under it but I LOVE it with the white!

    1. Linda, what a sweet memory of your childhood! Don’t you wish you still had it? I have certain things from when I was younger that I still wish I could put my hands on!!!! XOXO

  3. Thank you!! I love the yellow sweater and red one. I just ordered them can’t wait to see them in person. Thank you for all your fashion ideas!!

    1. Hi Jeannie! Did your sweaters come yet??? I can’t get enough of these bright colors…..SO CHEERY! HOPE you like them, no LOVE them when they come!!! XOXO

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