Flattering Shorts for Women Over 50

flattering shorts for women over 50


I wanted to talk more about SHORTS and if you should wear, how you could wear, and why you should wear. I talked about them HERE as well, but since then found this yellow pair and had to share.

We are approaching summer and probably have started to think about how to dress in cooler clothing. Finding flattering styles can be a real challenge! If you’re like me, I ALWAYS feel better if I feel I look my best. THESE YELLOW SHORTS are so worth sharing.

These have a very flattering cut for women at midlife. It fits nicely at the waist and then flows over the hips. They almost have a skirt-like feel, which makes them super easy to dress up with a little higher heel (pictured on the right). And how about this color? Isn’t it fantastic? A great way to think about what length is the best, is to put your arms at your side and go to the end of your fingertips. That would be the ideal length.


Whether or not you should wear shorts at midlife, is totally up to YOU! If you feel good in them, then wear them. There certainly are ways to wear them tastefully. Confidence will make all the difference in how you are able to pull off shorts.


What you pair with shorts is really important. A flat sandal, sneakers, or a 1-2 inch heel are the best options for footwear. Styling them with more classic pieces like a button-down shirt or polo shirt will make them look more sophisticated. Blazers look so chic with a great pair of shorts as well.


flattering shorts for women over 50


So, why should you wear shorts? First off they are cooler. They’re a great way to show off your legs that you’ve been working so hard on! Or have you? LOL! Some may think not, but if you are proud of your legs, SHOW THEM OFF with shorts! And lastly they are not only essential, but versatile for a vacation…. these yellow shorts are the ABSOLUTE PERFECT PAIR! I plan to wear them out golfing, but then what about brunch, lunch, or dinner? Can you see how easily they are dressed up?


Here are a couple of other ideas for these yellow shorts! Ladies they really are FLATTERING shorts for women over 50!

Bet you can guess which is MY FAVORITE here? Have a WONDERFUL WEEK friends!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Flattering Shorts for Women Over 50

  1. Shauna,
    I love your posts would love if you would find some things for us tall gals, I’m 6 ft 1 and it’s hard to find tall styles that don’t cost a fortune.

    1. Hi Erika….. thank you for the suggestion. I’ll work on some TALL GIRL STYLES! By the way, do you know how LUCKY YOU ARE???? 🙂 Enjoy your height girl! XO

  2. You are so amazingly adorable! I love your style and I just started doing a little filling in my brow line – what do you use – its seems very dark or it could just be the photography?

    More golf style! Please!

    1. Monica you are very sweet, thank you! These particular pics are probably darker than real life. I had a studio light on, which makes pics more contrasty. But I do get my brows laminated and tinted every four weeks. Lamination is where they straighten the hairs so they lay super flat. I LOVE it! Even more than tinting! Yes, I will get you more GOLF style!!!!!! Talk to you again soon girl!!!! XO

  3. Shana you are the sweetest and most beautiful person. You inspire me everyday and I love that you give me hope, that at our age, we can be and do whatever we may want to. The stripe top that you are wearing with the yellow shorts, is it true to size? I am concerned it may be too tight in the bust area because I am in between sizing. Thanks Shana for all that you do and have a beautiful and blessed weekend.

    1. Hello Bella…. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so kind! I’m happy to hear that I’m doing my job, and that you are finding that YOU CAN BE AND WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT! If you feel confident in something it can really make a difference in how people perceive you!! The striped tee is from Lululemon and if you follow their size charts you should be fine. Mine is actually a SIZE 6. XOXOXO

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