Finding Your Own Stylist

For some people, and I wouldn’t be one of these…..or wait, maybe I would be, it’s challenging to put an outfit together. It can be all consuming to decide first what to wear, and then to be able to find it! It seems I always have some sort of idea about what I want. But I have to tell you about an experience I had just recently, that put me in panic-mode!!! I had to really call upon my fashionista experts to help me out. I was asked to do a significant job, and bring one outfit. But then, just days before I was to leave, they requested I bring five different outfits! They were to be for a fall/festive type look. So, of course I called my local Anthropologie and asked for Brittany, who is their personal stylist. Did you know you could shop at most ANTHROPOLOGIE stores and use a stylist for FREE??? Why don’t we all take advantage of that more?!

The afternoon I got there, there was a room all set up for me, with my name on the door, and the clothing rack all full of different options for me to try. And….along with that, were accessories! WOW, every single detail covered. All of the hard work was taken right away, and I didn’t do anything except try on clothes. I didn’t have time nor did I need any, to go throughout the store and choose pieces. Just doing that, trying to come up with five different looks, is needless to say….overwhelming!!! Brittany knows me well enough, that she was able to pull things that she knew I would like! She nailed it and made it extremely easy and such fun!!!!!!

I tried on my five different looks. I always have so much fun when it comes to putting things on! Each piece was carefully considered for the job at hand. In and out of the dressing room I went, to get Brittany’s opinion. Most every single thing she picked, was so spot on and could have worked! But I only needed five, so some had to stay. I had my choices made in about an hour and a half! Record time!!! I left Anthropologie feeling confident in my picks, and ready for my job! I’m not sure exactly which stores have personal stylists, but I would suggest you always ask in the stores you like to shop in!!! It was SO helpful to me and saved me LOADS of time!!!

A great big huge THANK YOU to Brittany and the whole crew at my local Anthropologie store at City Creek Center. You are always so kind and warm to me when I visit and were such great help to me as I prepared for my project! I’ll see you soon!

Maxi  |  Sweater  |  Pearl Jeans  |  Kimono  |  Dress  |  Sherpa Jacket  |  Shoes  |  Necklace


10 thoughts on “Finding Your Own Stylist

  1. We don’t all take advantage of Anthro because some of the stylists in some cities don’t know style .. or the stores have limited selection.. or the prices are too much. I LOVE Anthro.. bigger cities I’ve had great experiences.. plus the dhipping is not always free.. which obviously boosts the price point.

    1. Hi Keigh, You make a good point, in that you probably should pick a stylist whom you love their fashion-sense! I do though, still love to ask the “younger” girls opinions. It can be interesting! But I’ve never been to any Anthro store where I’ve felt they’ve told me it looks good, when it really doesn’t!! I love to use them to ask the question, “What are some other ways I could wear this?” XO

    1. Hi Heide! I can’t believe you’ve never used, but then again you have SO MUCH EXPERIENCE shopping that you may not ever need one! LOL! XO

  2. I love the in house Anthro Stylists, and I highly recommend the Nordstrom Personal Stylists as well, especially during the change of seasons, sales and special events. I worked at Nordstrom for 16 years and in my opinion not enough people take advantage of these free services. And in the end, I believe it saves so much time and money. These gals know their stuff as they are in the stores every day! Great post and love your picks!

    1. Hi Suzanne! Thank you for stopping by, and good to know coming from someone who must know her stuff, having worked at Nordstrom! It really is such a valuable service that more of us should use!!! XO

    1. Hi Jodie, it’s not necessarily that they would choose everything for you. It can work so many ways. In my case, where I was on a time-crunch, she pulled things that could have worked given the criteria I gave her. You can definitely give them some key details and then they can pull things and then put different options together, some of which you may not have ever thought of! You should try! It’s fun!!!

  3. I love this having this option, but I do think it helps when the stylist knows you, it gives both of you an advantage as to perfect sizing and personal styling options. But then again, I have loved the times they put items together that I would never have thought of, that’s the best!!!
    On another note, I would have gone in panic mode as well when they requested five instead of one.

  4. I need to do this! What a great idea. I too am so used to shopping for myself I haven’t given stylists a try. Not even Stitch Fix which I hear great things about. On my list 🙂

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