Fall 2022 Boot Trends

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fall 2022 boot trends

Now that fall is here it’s time to put away your summer footwear and SAY HELLO to the FALL 2022 BOOT TRENDS! You can find everything from Western to some slouch, the standard booties and the lugsole type, and please don’t forget color and texture!

Take a look at the Fall 2022 boot trends, because fall and boots go together like ice cream and hot fudge sauce!!! What I usually like to do this time of year is to invest in one or two new trends and colors that I’ve not tried before. It will give your fall wardrobe an instant uplift! I try very hard to not buy the same style I bought the year before. I’m fairly conservative when it comes to my clothes and shoes. Triples of the same thing is not necessarily a good idea!

fall 2022 boot trends

There are so many styles of boots out there to choose from. I would say like anything else, to wear what you feel good and comfortable in and what works with your style. I have a very wide calf, and so for me, boots that hit at the widest part of my calf are not my best look. My favorite trend right now is WESTERN. Last year I bought some fabulous fringed boots that I love. This season I’m on the hunt for a western styled pair of booties, maybe like THESE.

I’ve got all my FAVORITES linked below. Remember to hover over the image and click, to get to the website. I’ve tried to choose all different price points to meet everyone’s needs. However you should remember, boots are expensive and YOU WILL get what you pay for!







If you were to choose just one style, what would it be? A lot depends on what your lifestyle is. Are you a woman who works in an office? Maybe you are a school teacher and comfort is key? Of maybe a stay-at-home mama who needs some all weather boots, maybe like the lugsole style? These are so cute by the way and from TARGET.

Leave me your comment and tell me what you have your eye on this season!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “Fall 2022 Boot Trends

    1. Debbie YAY! They’ll make such a fun accessory to all your FALL FABULOUSNESS!!!!!! I’ll want to see a picture for sure!!!! XOXO

    1. Hi Jean, thank you very much! My shirt was from JCrew a few years ago, and my vest was from probably 8-10 years ago. But great pieces and fit in to my style, so that’s when I decide to definitely keep! Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon! XO

    1. Hello Joyce…. you will be THE FIRST TO KNOW about these jeans. They are part of my SHOP CHIC COLLECTION coming hopefully THIS WEEK! I’ll send out an email!!! They are the best black jeans I’ve had! The bottom is such fun along with the fit! Stay tuned! XOXO

  1. Oh, those Free People western fringe boots in laguana are gorgeous! I just moved to FL and it kills me that my boots won’t get much wear. I just love boots!! I just may have to get one last pair. The color is tropical! I also have lots to go with them. Then I have to find somewhere to go!

    1. Susan I think you can totally find a place to wear them in Florida! What about an all white outfit? Or a cute dress? You CAN wear those with all your lightweight summery clothes. YOU NEED THEM! Don’t tell your hubs I said that! LOL!!! Have a wonderful week and come back again soon! XO

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