Dress Like You’re Having Fun

Dress like you’re having fun is definitely a requirement friends! And this dress….is so dang cute and ALL FULL of FUN!

I wore this to a family wedding yesterday….and literally ALL DAY. The only thing that got uncomfortable for me were these shoes. Wearing them for over eight hours with hardly a break was a little much. But this dress is adorable with some fun flats too. Like these for example!

I love this dress because of the colors of course, but unbutton it and wear it like a kimono. So cute over a pair of shorts and a tee. That’s the way it’ll be styled next! I love doing this with my shirt dresses!

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead! How can it already be in to JULY???

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Dress Like You’re Having Fun

  1. Going to check out your link for this light, summery dress. I need a wedding guest dress for August in humid, hot Tennessee. This might be just the ticket. Love the ruffle at the hemline.

    1. Leslie….what did you decide?? This dress has been fantastic!!!!!! I’ve gotten so many compliments….mostly on the COLOR!!!!!! XO

  2. I just recently found your site and as a 58 year old woman am so happy to get some fresh ideas on fashion – you are inspiring.

    1. Hi Jennie! WELCOME to Chic Over 50!!!!! I’m Shauna and SO HAPPY you found me too!!!! XOXO

  3. I wore a lightweight dress as a kimono over crop length leggings this weekend, and so many people told me how SMART I was to style it that way, However, I admitted that I got the idea from YOU! Credit where credit is due…

    1. Sandi, that’s awesome!!!! Isn’t it fun to pick up new ideas and then to TRY THEM and see how fabulous it can be??? Bravo! XOXO

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