Do You Choose Denim For Summertime?

Do you choose denim for your summertime style? If you do, then these might be for you because they are so FABULOUS! The high-rise button up the front skinny style is SO GOOD!!! They are here. It’s hard to wear a lower rise these days. These aren’t super high, they are just right for me, but I don’t have much space in the torso area! Just a good reference mark for you to know your size. My SHOES are here! They are on MAJOR SALE too, with lots of colors to choose from!

These really are perfect with flats OR heels, dressed up or not. I just really love the simple styling, yet the buttons say not simple at all! And the Pilcro brand (Anthropologie’s brand) is very reasonably priced. This brand always has such great styles!

And then there’s nothing quite like a pretty white summer top! I have a great collection right here for you to shop! Wear them with your jeans, cutoffs, your colored denim and white denim, and well…..just about anything! I love to pick up at least one new fresh white top each summer season! So classic and a very easy way to think about dressing for the summer months.

This top here in my picture has been in my closet for a few years. I wore it here in Baja last October! It looked really cute with my white jeans! I say often, that it’s so important to buy pieces you really love. By doing this you will find that you pull them out season after season and wear for many years!

These are my favorite WHITE TOPS right now!

For this kind of a look, I like to add some fun colorful jewelry! This necklace, I picked up in Florence, Italy. Aren’t the colors cute as ever? I thought it looked so perfect with my simple top and jeans look. Yep I do every now and then, choose denim for my summertime FASHION!!!

So remember that a simple pair of jeans and top can look so CHIC and be such a simple way of dressing! Will you choose DENIM for your summertime style? There’s really not that much to it! Remember your accessories can change things up quicker than anything!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Do You Choose Denim For Summertime?

  1. When I was a teenager my favorite thing to wear was levis with one of my dads white shirts. I love the simplicity of white with denim, and white with black!

  2. ? YIKES…I still do that… but with my husbands CLEAN v-neck tees, and a pair of wedges LOL!

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