Denim on Denim

You’ve heard me talk A LOT about jeans. Most of my posts are in jeans of any kind! They absolutely are my “go-to” for ANY day and almost any occasion!!! And when you can pair them with jean tops or jean jackets or both, and then add some denim shoes to top it all off, well then it’s HEAVEN! I’m so happy about this look, because it hasn’t always been so cool to mix denim with denim!

I LOVE this look just a little bit!! My denim jacket is worn more like a shirt here as opposed to a jacket. I like wearing it this way and do it often! It would look so cute with some high-waisted jeans I think, or with any of the skirts linked below! I LOVE the overalls below too….I said once I’d never go for these, but I’m getting closer, especially the fitted ones! Wear them with a denim shirt and some fun pops of jewelry!

I have added a shopping board for you with all of my FAVORITE denim pieces. Wear them together or alone. There’s jeans, skirts, jackets, tops, and shoes! I love each one, and would wear any of them together or separate!

The bag featured here in this post is from Reptiles House! The link is here!!! It’s fabulous!


So everyone…..go and wear your denim on denim PROUD!!!





11 thoughts on “Denim on Denim

      1. Love your style! You are beautiful! I am 51 wit a pixie similar to yours, however, my color turns yellow. How do you keep your hair so platinum?

        1. Try using a blue based shampoo, for platinum or grey hair, it cuts and tones down the yellow undertones.
          You can buy then anywhere, Sallys, Walmart, Target etc…

    1. Hi Dawn….warm up fast, because the way TRENDS go, it may be out next week! LOL!!!

  1. You look great in the denim on denim, I have always loved denim! Denim with holes, rips, tears,and fringes are the BEST. I am 51, this week, and just bought a darling cut off denim skirt with the fringed hem, Can’t wait to wear it 🙂

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