Dark Floral + Faux Fur

My obsession with dark florals continues with this fabulous top! I love this trend, and obviously can’t get enough! Wear it with jeans, a skirt, dressy pants, under jackets, sweaters, and any  faux fur vest!!! Add some over-the-knee boots and statement earrings, and you have the perfect fall look!!! I’ve had this vest for a couple of years, and it just keeps getting better! I’ve linked some other faux fur vests for you below! They will always work!!! This post is full of links, as per request! Remember I will NEVER post anything I wouldn’t wear myself! My lipstick is also linked! This color is one of my favorites ever!

But let me talk about the OTK (over-the-knee-boot) for a second. There was a comment on  my Instagram feed about me wearing this style of boot in relation to my height. I guess that I actually thought about that a little bit too, BEFORE I got these. They were a gift to me while I was over in Paris last fall. When I first saw them, I thought, “Nope, probably won’t work for my short legs.” But then when I put them on……well it was another story! I was instantly hooked. So…I guess what I’m saying is, don’t underestimate what you can and can’t wear. If you are really in love with a particular look or style, there’s ALWAYS A WAY to make it work for you! I never thought I could pull these off, and they don’t work with everything, but they definitely work with enough to make them worth their while, AND…they make me feel SO TALL!

My Floral Top  |  Fur Vest Options   |  Lipstick

Free People Floral  |  Dark Ruffle Floral  |  Target Floral  |  Target Gray Floral

Black OTK Boots  |  Brown Suede OTK Boots  |  Wine Suede OTK Boots  |  Under $50

Enjoy your fall style now, because I know that SNOW is just around the corner! Eeeeeek!!!!


9 thoughts on “Dark Floral + Faux Fur

  1. Thanks for your blog on over the knee boots. I’m 5 foot and have always wanted to wear them but feared my legs were too short. I’m going to try a pair on this winter and see

  2. I’m only a bit taller and you lookin so great in over the knee boots makes me want to try them on too! Shauna, thanks for being a fabulous example to us to try new things!!

  3. Wow, Thanks for the inspiration. I have all the pieces, just needed an idea of how to wear my vest. I’m going to swap the jean for a mini jean skirt. Your one look helped me to create Two!!!! Have a Great weekend 🙂

  4. I’m vertically challenged too (barely 5’4″ if that!) and I have always shied away from OTK boots thinking they would take up my whole leg! However, you’ve given me inspiration to go for it! So, I just purchased my first pair of OTK boots. I’m waiting for them to arrive and if they fit right, I plan to post them on my blog. Thank you, Shauna, for always being a genuine fashionista. 🙂


  5. You make me feel so good about my self I am 65 years old I love to dress cute I always think people are looking at me like I am to old to look like I dress I love fur vest jeans boots short hair makeup lip stick jewelry you made my day you are so beautiful thank you

    1. Hi Shirley!!! This kind of comment makes me SO HAPPY!!!! Every woman should care for themselves and have fun with their STYLE….it makes life such FUN! XO

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