Chic Tees and This Jacket!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Everyone needs a good graphic tee that goes with anything, right? Well this is the one to snatch up! Perfect for jeans, trousers, or skirts! And these, “Chic Over 50” tees are available on my website. Just look for the link SHOP CHIC, and everything is there. They come in gray, black, and white, all with a different logo. And they are so cute to layer underneath your jackets for fall or to wear alone! This gray one drops down in the back and is a little on the blousy side. It has such a darling cut to it! And what about this Alice and Olivia jacket??? I love the collection of jeweled military medals, pins, and patches everywhere! And the embroidery on the collar is fab. It’s on sale, 25% off!!!!! I’ll keep it forever and ever! The jacket too, can be worn many ways as the tee can! The two combined create the best STREET STYLE ever!!!


5 thoughts on “Chic Tees and This Jacket!

  1. I fell in love with you and your blog the moment I pinned your picture! I wear my hair very similar to yours, but was looking for something to update it a tad when I found you. I have a few years to hit the 50 mark, but thanks for showing the world that older women can be even more hip and beautiful than many younger counterparts…I think that comes from discovering who you truly are and being comfortable just being fabulous you! Way to go, darling! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out!

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